Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines 1500pts

Avatar Tabletop Tactics October 24, 20141  5 1 Like

Our first Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Battle Report and a sneak preview of the content that will follow shortly!!

In this game my Dark Eldar Wych Cult Void Spiders take on Joe with his Crimson Slaughter Iron Warriors. The game is destructive from the outset and was a pleasure to fight.

More Battle Reports, Painting Tutorials and List Analysis to follow. Check out www.tabletoptactics.tv for exclusive subscriber content.


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Being a new subscriber I was curious about how the first battle reports looked like 😀
Is Joe, really Mr. Beard?? 🙂

Wow, guys you have already a long history.
I would love to see a not game related voice cast about what changed for you in these 5 years, and what TTT brought into your life 🙂


Also here after the throwback episode you recently posted. This was well done, but it’s cool to see how far you’ve come! Well done!

Chris Brothwood
Chris Brothwood

gone back here after your recent Spider vs Beard report. I had forgotten what Beard looks like without a beard – stuff of nightmares


Going a bit old school tonight and the first roll of the dice on the first ever Battle report onTTT and the spider rolls a six on the siege……. a sign of things to come! Oh and the beard doesn’t have a beard!