List Analysis: Terry La Baff’s Khorne Daemonkin 1850pts

Avatar Tabletop Tactics March 30, 20161  3 1 Like

In the second Khorne Daemonkin list featured on the Channel, I go about optimising the list while talking about the many formations the Codex has to offer and giving an insight into what may be coming with my own Khorne Daemonkin soon.

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Warhead Wargaming
Warhead Wargaming

I always really benefit from your list analysis videos and would like to start a conversation on here with you and other subscribers. I hope this isn’t bad form, you can delete this if it is no problem. Do you find the tradeoff for the possessed tax of 150 pts worth it? The Blood Frenzy special rule is awesome but I am always torn in all the KDK lists I build whether or not to include the possessed to gain the benefits. For instance, below i have a two versions of my KDK i am on the verge of completing.… Read more »