Tactica: Curse of The Wulfen Space Wolves

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on the subject of Wulfen when are Joe’s Wulfen making an appearance ? Im very eager to see them in action and compare them to my list.


I quite like this long videos, even if I am not particularly over interested in the specific topic (not a SW player myself and none in my local scene, what is a shame), it is nice to be informed and great to paint to.
What would be a great way to improve your tactica series even further is to tie them in with a battlereport where you showcase the practicalities of the theory you talk about.

cheers and keep up your awesome work!

Adam Birch

I really enjoyed this tactica. Hope to see more in the future. I imagine they’re a lot of work to put together but it’s super useful for somebody like me who’s fairly new as I get a general rundown of how an army works and what to watch out for. I’m looking for a solid A.R.D. based Space Marines list to start out with in 40k and Space Wolves is definitely eye catching. I did some recon on the store I will be playing at and I am less worried about bringing something too overpowered. There is at least one… Read more »