List Analysis: Hatewraith’s Flesh Tearers 1850pts

Avatar Tabletop Tactics May 5, 20171  9 1 Like

The Colonel and I sit down to review a Flesh Tearers list while discussing the imminent 8th Edition of Warhammer
40,000! We both go about building lists that we hope will translate well into the new edition, so sit back and enjoy one of the last 7th Edition List Analyses!

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Rhys Walker
Rhys Walker

Any opinions on how this will translate across to 8th? Awful lot of changes to the Empra’s finest

John Barber
John Barber

In my experience, the Angel’s Fury is a bit cumbersome. The base for the Stormraven’s is quite large, and I’m pretty sure that the teleport homers themselves wont affect the ‘deep striking’ tactical marines deploying via skies of fury because they aren’t actually arriving from deep strike reserve either (as per that FAQ), and there is no way to mitigate this (at least as far as I am aware). And if any of the models can’t be placed, the *entire* unit is destroyed to boot. I guess it depends on whether the successive tacticals get to mitigate their positions based… Read more »


Its simple… if i see a Tabletop Tactics video, i press “Mag ich” (i like it) ^^