Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Report: Tallarn vs Iron Warriors 1750pts

Avatar Tabletop Tactics July 17, 201826  91 585 Views 26 Likes

We kick off a brand new series to Tabletop Tactics, in the first of our Narrative Battle Reports, where you can expect to see narrative missions being fought out in moments of history from each of our armies! In the Markesha Prime Conflict, the 109th Jackals are garrisoned on the planet after a series of forge world factories are destroyed by an unknown attacker. Preparing an ambush after one of their sentry drones is destroyed, the Jackals ready themselves to face whatever comes out of the desert… but will they be able to defeat the Iron 4th? For all your hobby and gaming needs, visit Tabletop Tactics’ sponsors Element Games: http://elementgames.co.uk/warhammer?d=30 Tabletop Tactics Merchandise: http://www.tabletoptactics.tv/store/ Game Mats provided by http://www.gamemat.eu For professional miniature painting commissions: http://www.siegestudios.co.uk