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Welcome to The Kitchen

Hello and welcome to a brand new series of articles that aims to discuss all kinds of things, from the latest releases and happenings in the worlds of Warhammer, hot hobby topics, D&D background and stories, and general word vomiting from me, your ranter extraordinaire, loud mouthed baker of doughy goods and all round top bloke, The Pastry Chef.

What’s this all about?

Well, we wanted to get a bunch of articles out to you bosses so you have something new and fresh to read whilst you wait for those tasty videos to drop. Think of it as an appetiser or amuse bouche to the main course of the Battle Reports (ok no more cooking and food related wordplay).

As mentioned, the idea of these articles is to go through pretty much anything and everything that comes to mind, be it 40k, AoS, D&D, ‘The Meta’ and other topics that are related to the hobby that we know and love. Now, the goal is to give you quick reads and discussions, but it is me, so occasionally there will be times that articles might go a bit long. But I’m not sorry. And neither are you, cos it’ll just mean you get more of that sweet, sweet content.

So how will it work?

On Monday, we’ll drop an article that will look at the latest news from the weekend, be it new models, the latest books, big events, or just general hobby going ons. Essentially, the freshest possible reaction to the weekend’s happenings in the hobby.

Thursday will see a general column, where pretty much anything and everything related to the hobby will be discussed. And whilst I can talk/write for days, sometimes I need that little spark to set the fuse off. Therefore, we’re going to open up these columns for you guys to send ideas for me to look at. So if you have a question, want an opinion on something, or just want to wind me up and watch me go, send it over via the email at the bottom of the page, and I’ll try to get it into an article!

Finally, every now and then, I’ll look to release a bonus article, which could be something a bit more specific, or perhaps relevant to recent info thats come to light. It could be further background details on The Chronicles of Valtor for you Cast of Players fans, perhaps some initial response to a rules or FAQ update, a sneak peak at goings on with the TT Team, or maybe something else entirely. These will be a bit more ad-hoc on the release front, but will just serve to give back a little more extra stuff to our community – a bonus read, in amongst our regular programming!

I mean ok, but why you?

Soon I will be joining the Crew in a full time capacity, so in the meantime this is my way of contributing to the growth and content of the Channel, plus it will be easy to maintain once we’re moved into the new studio. And I can talk, or rather write, for days. So the intent is there should always be something to discuss. As for why my opinions and thoughts might be of interest, well I’m not a high profile tournament player, I’m not even a Golden Daemon winner. I’m just a normal guy who’s been playing for nearly 20 years, with a keen interest in rule and game design and a real passion about this hobby. So these ramblings might not give you the most cutting edge tournament busting strategies, or the most intricate painting advice, but they might give an angle on something you’d not considered before, give you something to discuss with your friends and fellow hobbyists, or at the very least be mildly entertaining for a few minutes on your lunch break.

And if I don’t enjoy these articles?

Not a problem, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but also don’t be afraid to tell me! I want these to be something that everyone can enjoy, or at least enjoy part of them. If you feel the writing needs to get to the point, or I’m not bringing anything new to the table, or if I’m totally wrong, give me the feedback! These articles will be quite heavy on the opinions and ranting of that I’m sure, at least to begin with and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if there’s something you’d like to see, or recommend, go for it. I won’t get offended, and I’d rather see these articles and musings be inclusive and open to change, especially if it means the content will grow and improve.

Alright, I’ll bite, how do I get involved?

That’s easy! Have a read of the articles and continue the discussion in the comments section, we look forward to talking with you there! So without further ado, welcome to the kitchen…

If you have a list with some unique tactics, a Tactica or hobby article that you feel would make an interesting read, or maybe you just want to give Chef a topic to rant about? Send it in to and you might see your topic discussed in a future article!