Army Showcase: Studio Ravenwing Commission by Siege Studios

I sit down with James Otero from Siege Studios to showcase the recently completed Dark Angel Ravenwing army for the studio. We also discuss the service that Siege offers, including the levels and painting courses available!

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  • Rhys Walker

    Love it! some beaut models in there, any clue on when the next one from them will be around?

    • A very small clue… When the next Narrative Campaign drops. So soon…!

      • Rhys Walker

        :O this is big news! any chance ever episode could be released at the same time or is that too much of an ask? hahah

        • ??? I have thought about filming it all before releasing it, but I will want to release it early!

          • Rhys Walker

            Ahh the want for instant gratification is too much! Either way it’ll be a great set of videos for sure!

  • Warhead Wargaming

    Spectacular army showcase, its really cool how it focused on the studio, the levels of service, and the beautiful Ravenwing models in this army. Great production value on the photos being brought in throughout the video as well.

  • Manacrazed

    Man! Tell him to come to Australia! I’d love to learn from him!

  • Emdee

    Thanks for the review guys. I have been contemplating getting some commissions done. I love to paint and I do well at it, but I have soooooo much to paint. It would take me a year to do an army of that size to that standard. Plus, I’m getting lazy in my old age……