Aceface Collaboration 40k Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Daemons 1850pts

Aceface returns for another Collaboration Battle Report featuring the return of the Hammers of Titan! But will they be able to stand up to Ace’s competitive Daemonic Incursion?!

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  • Vooddoogunnz

    Truly Epic and cinematic as hell!

  • Warhead Wargaming

    The Hammers play for keeps! Awesome battle report and a really cool cinematic showing of what the Grey Knights can do and what that Daemonic Incursion List can do. I absolutely love Grey Knights hopefully Curse of the Wulfen pt. 2 will bring some new toys for them to play with.

    • I am SO hoping for some Formations in the Curse of the Wulfen 2!! Can’t wait!

  • jamboxdotcom

    I think you may be on to something with that luck siphon/vortex theory. Man… Aceface just couldn’t roll those 6s when he actually needed them. Incredibly bad luck there. Still, gorgeous army. Always love to see his miniatures on the table 🙂

  • Andrew Carter

    Ace should play Harlequins, they do a lot of wounding on To Hit rolls of a 6, he had no trouble getting them!

  • Stealgaze

    Around 57 mins in I think you didn’t attack back with thunder hammer as was slain, but was slain at I1 as second furies unit had charged through cover so we’re also I1

    • So true! I’m rusty with my Hammers of Titan, I need to play them more regularly!

  • Muzzatroll

    Awesome BR as always gentlemen. Just one point…

    If you charge through terrain into a unit that is still engaged from a previous round, you don’t suffer the penalty to initiative. Might have proven ‘helpful’ to the Furies… possibly…

    Maybe not… :p

  • Mike Gray

    Excellent game gents! Looking at the number of daemons at the start I expected that the Hammers would eventually get overwhelmed.

    As for the Slanesh Grand Cavalcade suggestion, I faced such a list recently and can attest to it’s brutality. User error on my part not withstanding, my Nurgle CSM force got systematically taken apart.