Age of Sigmar Battle Report: Death Rattle vs Stormcast Eternals 1000pts

The first Age of Sigmar Battle Report explodes onto Tabletop Tactics in style, with the Colonel fielding his Death Rattle force against James’ Stormcast Eternals. Watch as we also go through the basics of the game rules and try to educate 40k players (like me) how it’s done!

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  • Vooddoogunnz

    Damn you! I just sold a bunch of my old fantasy stuff (some of which I think I bought from James ) and had planned on selling the rest in January due to my initial dislike of AOS when it was released……. now I’m having second thoughts as that looked quite good (300 references helped) now that they have added the generals handbook.

  • Farallax

    Great job with the rule explanations and keeping the game flowing, I’m now 100% more interested in AoS and planning future purchases (despite my paint queue already exceeding my lifespan!). Looking forward to seeing your AoS armies and tactics develop over the coming reports.

    • Thanks so much! Glad that you found this informative. I am really enjoying the game at the moment!

  • Andrew Carter

    Good to see you adding AoS to TT, hoping to see some Wanderers/Wood Elves.

    • Thanks Andrew! Yes, massive wood elf fan myself, so expect them sooner rather than later!

  • Mike Gray

    Welp, now I’m sorely tempted to get into AoS. I was put off initially by folks saying that it’s been made too simple, but you did a great job here of showing that it’s deceptively simple. The plastic crack is a cruel mistress :-p

  • jamboxdotcom

    Just adding to the chorus here: this batrep has me extremely interested in AoS. I, too, was not excited about it, initially, due to the original “no points” format. But damn, now that they’ve provided some sort of structure to the game, it’s beautiful how well it flows, while still being very tactical.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s wonderfully simple, and yet the tactics and flavour that come out of the war scrolls make it awesome!

  • Jtactics

    I’m pretty sure you have to pile in to closest enemy model. Also forgot to use Retributors blast to ashes ability. But I really enjoyed this video and hope to see more Age of Sigmar here! Very well done!