Warhammer 40,000 Campaign Battle Report – The Gaius War Mission 0: First Contact

Newly promoted Brother Captain Artemis prepares a ‘speartip’ strike force to enter the Gaius System after compliance contact is lost with Gaius Prime. But will he be able to take on the ancient evil that has recently resurfaced?

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  • Jason β€œTenthse7en” Jones

    This is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for more! Like I said earlier on Instagram, my election day blues have been cured! Thank you team!

    • MAGIC! Glad we could entertain!

    • DMvdH

      Atl least they offered me a good hour of respite! Cool idea, really liked the narrative. Who did the voicework at the end?

  • Angry

    Just awesome! Want to see more!! πŸ™‚

  • pandora

    Won’t say it wasn’t entertaining, but I feel showing all dice rolls is a significant strength of your channel, likewise competitive content and army lists and seeing how the lists play. These are the main reasons for my subscribing to your channel and not any other (ofc it’s also that you guys are wonderful). So I’m gonna say, do appreciate you trying out different things, but prefer your regular format.

    • Well that’s completely fine πŸ˜€ This is a deliberately different format that caters to a different type of audience. All of the regular long form battle reports are here to stay with dice rolls and competitive lists. In fact, you’re getting the debut of Deathwatch On Demand here in a couple of days plus a List Analysis for Deathwatch later tonight πŸ™‚

  • Farallax

    Great job guys, really enjoyed this change of format and the narrative worked really well amongst your usual good humour! Your hard efforts with this have really paid off IMHO, looking forward to mission 1!

    • Thanks mate! I’m glad it’s gone down well as it’s a nice additional format to have here now πŸ™‚

  • batthemadbat

    Loved it! I think it rounds out the offer of TTT just fine.

    To the question what could be made different: I was toying around in my head with a campaign format, that might cater a bit more to the tactical interests. I would love to see a campaign, where each player has a predefined pool from which he can choose his units for a game, to represent the available forces… let’s say something around 15.000 Points to represent, in your case, all the forces that are on board of the strike cruiser. But what dies in a game dies (maybe with special rules for characters). This would lead to a whole different approach to listbuilding. For example: we all know how strong a Battle Company is, but it also tends to be nearly annihilated at the end of a game, so is it worth taking, when you consider later games? When you realise in the course of a campaign that it goes completely south for one side you could play a mission where one side tries to call in reinforcements (could be cool to bring in a third faction). As said, just an Idea but I think it could be very funny.

    • Awesome! Some really good ideas there too. We’re finalising the rules here and then will publish them when Mission 1 drops for all to see… I’ll float some of these ideas for sure! Really like the points pool.

  • tulio wolford

    I agree, watching it without the dice rolls makes me simply lose interest quickly. Showing the rolls really helps me get into the game. Guess I will stick with your regular battle reports.

    • No worries, that’s what the regular reports are for πŸ™‚

  • Franco Nova

    This is awesome, keep doing this stuff

    • Most definitely, Campaigns are here to stay as a new series that run along side the regular more competitive reports πŸ˜€

  • Andrew Carter

    Fianlly got round to watching this. I do like narative campaignes and this is a good start, love the graphics and voice work, really helps to set things up.

    • Awesome! Well Mission 1 drops shortly, so you won’t be waiting long for the next instalment.

  • Sidney McGhee

    just got to watch this, and was curious as to why you used the teeth of terra rather than a Relic blade to represent Artamis’ evisorator, since both are two handed weapons? Not complaining just curious about your decision really, love this campaign!

  • Dual Charge

    Great vid guys. Only recently joined your channel, so only played 8th ed. Used to play 2nd, 3rd and 4th ed too. not being familiar with the rules doesnt matter though, the way the vids are edited and narrated still makes for a great watch. Thanks!

  • Trev

    Late to the party, but this worked really well. I liked the intro scenes and transmissions – added a sweet sense of realism to it.