*FAREWELL TO 7th* 40K Battle Report: Harlequins vs Blood Angels SN Special

I team up with SN Battle Reports to debut Harlequins on the channel in a farewell to 7th Edition Special! With Purge the Alien being played we present the ultimate blood bath finale to this edition of 40k!

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  • Rhys Walker

    Those Blood Angels hit like absolute trucks! Truly outrageous number of attacks, glad to see the Quins there though and not just for target practise, which doesn’t happen often but my favourite faction has been represented at last. Any chance we’ll see a studio Harlequin force anytime soon?

    • Rhys Walker

      As another note, this is my favourite Battle Report so far! So close, thought the Angels had taken it with that 11 inch charge

  • Manacrazed

    I love the Harley’s and even I thought they were f’d in the a with a red hot poker but then! This game is the definition of “swings and round abouts”

  • Philip Rivers

    Neat. You guys go the vocalist for RATM in the studio.

  • Andrew Carter

    Excellent game, really thought the Angels had it getting those charges off first but it was great to see the Quins hit back hard.

    I hope you take the Spyders to No Retreat V, it would be good to see the True Kin reclaim their throne.