*NEW* Warhammer 40k *8TH ED* Battle Report: Tyranids vs Astra Militarum 2000pts

Bone returns at the head of Hive Fleet Myrmidon to take on Colonel’s deadly Astra Militarum!!

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  • Rhys Walker

    That intro is super snazzy :O made me want to rejoin on demand… also made me comment before I watched the whole video for the first time ever

    • ??? Thanks mate!

      • Rhys Walker

        Also loving the long list analysii, list building is the best bit I think. Will have to leave the battle itself for tomorrow though, the Lions need my attention in the morning! Something to look forward to, that Astra list looks truly deadly! Hopefully it’s not going to be ‘Game Over Man! Game Over!’

  • David Nicholls

    The look on Bones face as he went through the SuperHeavy stat line lmao ?

  • Skylar Petitt

    “The ratling sniper, Mark Whalberg,” Rico’s failed charged, the narrations of carnage… The table looks great, the scenery is awesome… So fun to watch these reports.

    Jamie – Your army looks amazing, man. Just spectacular. In the game, your target selection was on point.

    Bone – My man! Good Mawloc placement out the gate, but you had so many beautiful line of sight blockers go unused! Make that super heavy move to get shots off!

    Tactics to deal with armored flamers – Overwatch is resolved exactly as shooting is in the shooting phase, except for that you hit on 6’s (or auto shots if flamers). This means that weapon ranges, line of sight, and cover from the charging units position all matter. So always try to charge from cover or out of line of sight from the firer (because you can charge but they can’t overwatch as per the designer’s commentary). Additionally, if you can reroll charges, or use a command point to reroll, consider charging from outside flamer range. Without planning your charges like this, you will need a ranged tank killer to deal with hellhounds and super heavies with flamers.

    Basilisks and Cover – The designer’s commentary addresses this here: The answer is, the basilisk does NOT ignore cover.

    “Q: What happens when a model fires a weapon that can shoot at targets that are not visible to it (such as a mortar), at a target it cannot see, if the target unit is within range of a piece of terrain that grants it the benefits of cover only when it is obscured by a certain amount from the point of view of the firer (such as a unit within 3″ of Imperial Statuary)?
    A: The unit receives the benefit of cover”

    Not being nit-picky, just joining in the conversation! Absolutely love watching. I got into the game because of you guys. You’ve earned my subscription many times over.

  • batthemadbat

    good game as always (goes without saying 😉
    But I want to point out, that I’m really liking the new motion graphics. well done!

  • John Barber

    Gotta completely disagree with the Colonel there; ignoring Line of Sight doesn’t mean you ‘ignore cover’. It just means they know the enemy’s rough positioning. They know; for example that a unit is moving through quadrant x, not necessarily that they’re up tree #32. Someone can duck underneath a table from an airbursting round from something that ignores line of sight; but can’t against the siege cannon because it evaporates that table and it’s sheltering peons too.

    Looking forward to the time you guys (in game) remember that Tyrants have an invulnerable save too 😉

    • Andrew Carter

      That book came out today, the Barbed Heiradule would make for a good counter.

    • Emdee

      Totally agreed. LOS is a matter of your “to hit”, but cover is in relation to the opponents save. I think the Colonel was high on promethium exhaust from having all those vehicles running around. Poor Bone has just had the worst matchups since 8th arrived. Hopefully he can turn it around with the revised Tau. Great as usual guys, thx.

  • Andrew Carter

    Really liking the new graphics. Really tough game for Myrmidon but as you say Lawrence, that’s effectively a 7th ed list and everythings changed for 8th so it doesn’t work as well. I would have to agree with the Colonel as well, that probably was his best ever list, Baneblade chassis haven’t been that scary for a long time.

  • Jay Eggett

    Great batrep as always! Really enjoyed the new graphics and intro! Well done Lawrence! I’ve said it before but you guys put on the best batreps and 40k content out there. Keep up the good work!

  • Manacrazed

    Harsh game there lads! Great to see the super heavy’s getting some love now!

  • Erik Bern

    Colonel, your Astra Militarum army looks amazing! Good job sir!

  • Harry Wynn

    If you check out the terrain rules, core and advanced, it states a unit must be IN cover (Inside the terrain feature) to gain a bonus from cover.

    Being obscured isn’t enough, you must be inside the terrain to gain any cover save from being 50% obscured.

    Reference the basic terrain rules, and the rules for woods, ruins and (to a lesser extent) battlescape and you’ll see they keep mentioning the whole unit must be inside the cover. In fact the only terrain rules that grant cover without being inside it, is the Imperial statuary.