*NEW* Warhammer 40k *8TH EDITION* Battle Report: Chaos vs Imperium 2000pts

Games Workshop has generously given us a review copy of 8th Edition and all of the Army Indexes. So BOOM! Here it is, the brand new edition of the game in a full 2000pts Battle Report for your viewing pleasure! Featuring an Imperial alliance led by Artemis to take on a Grotti led force, the blood bath that ensues is nothing short of epic!

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  • Val Heffelfinger


    • jamboxdotcom

      Well, it is well after midnight in the UK and continental Europe, so that probably cuts out over half of the potential audience.

      • They’ve all been watching on YouTube. It’s gone CRAZY over there ??

  • jamboxdotcom

    Yeeeeeeessss! Holy crap, that was awesome, and I’m super excited. The 17th can’t come soon enough!

  • John Barber


    I don’t think that whole Berzerker chainaxe/sword thing is a point of a contention if only because it’s pretty clearly worded as being so, and because you ‘give up’ your free shooting attack in order to take it. It’s because of that that makes me think it was deliberate design decision. Or I just hope it is, it’s certainly how I am going to play it until I’m politely slapped on the wrist by GW. (“NO! Bad John, don’t do that!”). As for the Great Unclean One counter example, from memory that’s worded just like a mounts additional attacks imo.

    The AP system is so much better now with it’s non binary system. It makes armour more worthwhile and it therefore makes invulnerable even more valuable. The weapons in comparison have become a lot weaker though (which imo is much better). Chef mentions that AP4 has become -1 etc, etc, but I don’t think that’s really correct anymore because of the non-binary nature. For a weapon to have equal effect to 7th edition AP3; you’re looking at a -4 (so that power armour has no saves), which is really quite rare nowadays (melta’s are one of the weapons that are like this). An AP2 weapon is even rarer; being -5 and I can only recall seeing two weapons in the entire game at the moment that has this; Be’lakor’s shadow blade and something from one of the flavours of space elf.

    Question though; if you move and fire your rapid fire weapons, aren’t you at a -1 to hit? If so; wouldn’t that massive guard screen do considerably less to the zerkers (if they did in fact move, at least they looked like they did)

    Just remember that with Death to the False Emperor; those Zerkers get additional attacks on Imperial models on Hits of 6+!

    @2:03 in; when Lawrence was assaulting that Soul Grinder just seems really wrong to me. As far as I’m aware, you still ‘activate’ the units in turn order, alternating as you go, and afterwards you apply any special circumstances (charging; Quicksilver Swiftness, strategems?) so that Assault squad going straight after Artemis seems really wonky to me (unless as said you were playing some sort of Strategem)

    Also; just like in AoS; it’s *always* a good idea to roll for Morale for Daemons, even if you’ll auto-pass. This is because if you roll that 1 you’ll get models back 🙂

    Fantastic game guys, can’t wait to see more battle reports. Finally Greater Daemons are just that; Greater. You need to dedicate some serious shooting to them to deal with them; just like you should.

    • Totally agree with your points here mate! Shame we missed the Death to the False Emperor rule, we remembered it after the game ?

      In the rules it states that all charging units are resolved first and then alternate afterwards starting with the player who’s turn it is… will double check though for sure!

      I think the changes are really exciting and will benefit the game massively!! So excited about Khorne and The new upcoming Deathguard too!

  • Jay Eggett

    Woot! Awesome to see 8th here! Thanks so much for the play by play, helps teach us the new edition. You guys are the greatest! Keep being bosses!

  • Muzzatroll

    That was amazing! I think I’m really going to enjoy 8th! Great job guys!

  • Andrew Carter

    That was amazing, I think Space Marine players in particular are really going to have to rework their lists but the idea that previously bad units (that Deathstrike!) are now usable is great.

    Can’t wait to see Ishrael Dzuraka (sp?) and the Void Spyders take to the field for the first time in 8th.

  • Jordan

    I got to look at the index at my local store on Saturday, and unless I read wrong, I think the heavy weapon teams finally have a lasgun as well as their heavy weapon! I think the Colonel would’ve been able to make a few more shots with his infantry squads. So excited to see the guard in 8th – it’s going to be awesome. Too bad you guys didn’t have a commissar around to prevent that psyker’s perils from spilling over into everyone else!

  • Dave Henderson

    Loving GW’s new community engagement! Great batrep as ever guys, can’t wait to get my hands on 8th now!!