*NEW* Warhammer 40k *8TH EDITION* Battle Report: Drukhari vs T’au 2000pts

The Drukhari Void Spiders make their debut in 8th Edition against Bone and his Shadowstrike Enclave Tau! We take our time in this one, to continue our coverage of the new Warhammer 40,000 ruleset and discuss the main changes to the faction. All while destroying each other on the battlefield!

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  • Andy

    blasters are d3 damage btw

    • Very true. I got them mixed up with the dark lances this game.

      • Anders TM

        Necrotoxin missiles are also das bomb, assault 6 with 2+ poison goodness.

  • knotdragon

    Did the destroyer missiles not get to to re-roll their to hit roll of 6 or am I imagining it?

    • Pretty sure I had him re-roll them? ?

      • knotdragon

        No, just rewatched it. Seems you both got distracted by the rules query and left it at that. I don’t know if it would have made much difference.

        • John Barber

          Yeah he did roll the damage for him. He rolled the 6 for D3 damage on the jet. Unless there was another Destroyer missile launch? I thought a stormsurge only had 4 though.

  • Andrew Carter

    Very happy to see the Drukhari wheeled out for the first time this edition, that was a brutal match I don’t think Ravagers have ever been this good before and a Voidraven with Dark Scythes is better than the Razorwing for only a few more points now. Will be interesting to see what other lists you try with them.

    • Thanks Andrew! I’ve already got 3. Very different lists, including a pure Wych Cult! Watch this space ??

  • John Barber

    I think I know the ‘problem’ with Bones’ T’au lists. I think you spend too many points on Markerlights. Drone Platforms + Markerlights + Drone Controller (+Stormsurge whatever)must surely be more expensive than just say; a Tau Pathfinder squad. This is exacerbated now that Markerlights doesn’t boost a T’au unit to potentially just delete a unit (other than say a lucky Stormsurge?) like it used too. I think you need to spend more of your points on either Crisis teams (which I think you’re doing anyway?) or even the humble Fire Warrior/Breecher squad. At least with crisis teams people can’t ‘lock’ that unit down, as with retreating you’ll still be able to fire etc. I think that spending too many points on Devilfish with small units of infantry are a bit of a mixed bag too, although admittedly vehicles seem to have much reduced effectiveness against Dark Eldar (they did great against those Tyranids though).

    Cadre fireblades+toga’s could dish out plenty of firepower for a Firewarrior squad, especially if it’s on a tidewall rampart or something. I would say the devilfishes are good for mobility, but your playstyle seems to prefer very static gunlines anyway.

    • Excellent advice there. Bone has actually gotten 9 crisis suits now and is building a large fire warrior contingent too… you’ll see it in the next report ?

  • Tom Danvers

    I think, when talking about the relative merits of armies in 8th, there always needs to be the suffix ‘until the codexes drop’? Codex Ta’u might introduce further balancing factors I suppose if the are needed!

    Awesome rep as always!

  • Manacrazed

    Oof… brutal match! B-bone, just a suggestion from a non T’au player, ironically a Dark Eldar player, 😛 but is there a way of getting a second Storm Surge in the mix? I know they’re a point sink but 2 surges, maybe 2 devilfish with breaches and a couple of jump units to manoeuvre about and take objectives? I have no idea how many points that would be haha, just a bit of sushi for though (see what I did there?)

    • He’s definitely thought about it mate!! He’s got 9 crisis suits to add to the mix now as well though ???

  • James Daniel Wilcox

    Very interesting. That darklight is scary. Hey B-Bone! You should really look into Crisis Suits. They are really strong this edition imho.

    • He’s got 9 of them now… you’ll see them in the next report ???

      • James Daniel Wilcox

        I can’t wait! My list has 16 of them lol! ^_^

  • Jordan

    I hope Bone doesn’t get too demoralized by the rules changes! I think Crisis Suits and Fire Warriors will be awesome, so I can’t wait to see the new list with those units. My friend plays Tau and has had great luck with Stealth Teams, the Ghost Keel, and Crisis Suits.

    I’m interested to know what you guys think of transports. They are so pricey now that I’ve dropped most of my transports for my Astra Militarum and Necrons in favor of just taking more troops. The Devil Fish didn’t seem to bring that much to the table in this game, but those Venoms were definitely worth the points! Thanks for the great content, as always.

  • Michael O’Holloran

    I won’t fib … that was very nourishing. I assume Bone is off to recruit some Crisis Suits ???

  • Michael O’Holloran

    Excellent battle report gents …. Tau trounced my Dark Eldar … we are through the looking glass people.

  • Morgoth

    Quite an important thing to note is that re-rolls happen before modifiers (page 178). So in the case that the Kauyon is called and the surge is shooting with its anchors down at a flyer, it would naturally hit on 4+. Any 1-2-3 can be re-rolled. Any 4’s cannot be re-rolled, but would count as miss because the -1 modifier for ‘hard to hit’ now comes in effect after the re-rolls. It is a bit weird, but them the rules.

  • Val Heffelfinger

    “My pleasure room is where I play games of 40k.
    I guess you can’t use the phrase “pleasure room” without sounding very weird”

    – B-Bone putting the bone in Warhammer.

  • Val Heffelfinger

    As a Tau player, it is a bit ironic to hear a tau player asking a Dark Eldar Player sarcastically “is that all? You don’t want to shoot some more?”

  • Emdee

    The Tau need more bodies now. The all Battlesuit/Stealthsuit/Ghostkeel/Stormsurge doesn’t work as well in this edition. You need infantry and drones. Crisis suits can be effective with the increase in AP from Advanced targeting, but they still need infantry support. JMTC. Bone, stick to Spacewolves until you get your Crisis suits done.

  • Nick Swinson

    can you disembark the drones from the devil fish? and the if devil fish dies can you still use the drones? and further more do you still get a kill point for destroying the devil fish and the drones still being alive? sorry not a tua player but sweet bat rep.