North West Open ITC 40k Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Tau 1850pts

Aceface returns to the studio with a deadly Tau list to help me practice for his upcoming North West Open ITC tournament!

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  • Vooddoogunnz

    So close! Awesome report. nice to see the dark artisan, I’m considering running it at the moment but not too sure how good it will be by itself with just kabalite venom/ raider spam.

    • Thanks buddy! I think the Artisan is quite expensive by itself… Not sure I would run it alone either. But as a compliment to the Corpse Thief, it is INSANE.

  • Getaroth

    I would put this in my top 3 best ever games that I have watched – I love it when Ace is in town good work

  • Andrew Carter

    Great game, I thought that it would be close and it really was. I’ve used the Dark Artisan/Corpsthiefe Claw combo before and it’s amazingly resiliant with only D and Force/Instant Death able to do massive damage to it. Have you considered swapping out the Ichor Injectors for Chain Flails?, I’ve found re-rolls to wound to be more usefull than the Fleshbane since more often than not I’m wounding on 2+ anyway and it’s statistically better when wounding on 3’s, that then frees up an extra 60pts for you. Also, the CPC is listed as a single unit so I’d assume it would count for the Big Game Hunter in this mission.

    What do you make of the Purge Cotorie formation from the Start Collecting box? Prefered Enemy against a single unit each turn doesn’t sound like much bit with a Raider, Warriors upgraded to Trueborn (4 Blasters, 2 Splinter Cannons and 4 rifles), a unit of Reavers and thanks to the Retainer rule a Court of the Archon gives you a lot of firepower re-rolling 1’s to hit and wound. I’ve had good success with it but not sure how it would hold up on the ITC circuit.

    And finally, I think anyone that honestly believes that DE are the weakest army have no experience of playing with, and little against, them. Not top tier at all but I’d take our codex well ahead of Blood Angels, Sisters of Battle, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Tyranids.

    • Thanks Andrew! Yes, I really like the Purge Coterie actually as I also really like Reavers. Given the fact you can upgrade your warriors to Trueborn, the preferred enemy bonus really makes them valid.

      I do like Chain flails too but given the amount of Wraithknights running around, I feel that the instant death 6 and Fleshbane is too good to pass up…

  • Matthew Ellenbroek

    Just a thought about the Stormsurge. I’m under the impression that it can only fire two Destroyer Missiles per turn even with the anchoring since the anchoring only allows it to shoot twice not fire more weapons. Am I right In looking at it this way?

    • I wish that were true! Sadly, the FAQ states a Gargantuan can fire all of its weapons, unlike a normal Monstrous Creature, that can only fire two.