Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Ynnari vs Exorcists 1500pts

Little Dragon prepares to exorcise the new Aeldari Deamon God in a practice game for the Warhammer Fest GT! But with the infamous power of the new Ynnari faction, will the Exorcists be able to match the new cult of death?!

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  • Sam Shand

    Great game as usual guys. Can’t wait to see the old Ghosts back on the channel. Scatt packs get a bit boring to watch and much preferred the older lists with wave serpents and dire avengers. Not sure what they were thinking with windriders. Guardians save jumps up by 2, and they can take unlimited special weapons????

    Hopefully the meta can shift with 8th and the rewards for fluffy armies. Themeaticaly it seems more realistic that standard troops make a the majority of a force and not just a selection of alpha units.

    • Thanks Sam! I completely agree. My new list only has 3 scat packs in it and then 3 units of avengers in serpents as well as 3 fire prisms. So a lot more fun! Expect to see that one up next time the Ghosts drop ??

  • Muzzatroll

    Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen Soulburst in action…

    Now I understand the dismay at it.

    Though I think AP3 large blast barrages could also mess with it. Could Soulburst push Basilisk squadrons back into the game? Probably not, no… :p

    Great job as ever guys! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks mate! I agree, it’s just way too brutal! As you say though, Basilisks would work VERY well against a Ynnari force… ????

  • Daniel Haack

    Tactics question πŸ™‚ The situation I am curious about is when the avatar killed that last assault marine and you soulbursted the two scatt packs, you chose to fire at the drop pod. Now the soulburst happened in the opponents turn so I am wondering if you could have used the soulburst to turboboost over to either his centurions or tac squad and then shoot them up in your turn? If you chose the tac squad it was his last ob sec unit. Was it because you wanted to stay near the two objectives on that side of the board? Just curious πŸ™‚ Your tactical mind is always one step ahead of mine so I like to learn what I can from you πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the question Daniel! I played this game a little while ago now but as I recall, I think I wanted to guarantee the objective I already had. I also knew that statistically the game was very likely to continue, which would also give me more time.

      On the other side of that, I wasn’t playing as a ‘tournament spider’ in this game either. I wanted to highlight the power of the Ynnari without taking a stupidly powerful list, but life importantly, wanted to help James by providing him with a challenge and helping him to learn what he could do against the Ynnari at the same time.

      As it turns out, James would have won as he actually killed the Avatar as my Avatar couldn’t have regenerated that wound of a non-aeldari unit dying in the precious turn. So well done Little Dragon ??

  • Andrew Carter

    Actually, James won that game. The Avatar of Ynnead special rule only activates when Aeldari models within 7″ die and not any model, so it wouldn’t have regained the lost wound when the Eviscerator died and when the Grav took 4 wounds off it it would have died, giving James a 9-6 victory. Then again, I agree with Daniel Haack’s comment, I would have turbo boosted the Scatbikes into the corner with the Grav Cents when Soulbursting to shoot them up in your turn and reduce their firepower and give the remaining Cents two options, Bikes or the Yncarn.

    Though it didn’t come up in this game, it will do if you run duel Reborn Warhosts again. With the wording of the Strength from Death special rule the general concensus is that it’s impossible to activate more than 2 units at a time for Soulbursting, it specifically says that you choose one unit to activate when something within 7″ dies and the command benefit for the Warhost lets you pick a second unit within range to activate from the same detachment. There’s no way for 2 units from different detachments in the same army to perform Soulbursts so it’s impossible for 4 units to Soulburst at once in a duel Warhost.

    I’m personally finding it’s a lot of fun to run the army with lots of infantry in transports, it’s still very powerful but you’re forced to think a lot more about what you want the army to do and where to place them.

    • Ahhh! Well done James then ?? I missed that the units had to be an Aeldari unit, but I’ll remember for next time.

      That’s interesting on the Soulburst dual Detachment as you’re the first to have mentioned it, so I’ll definitely look into that. I personally hope that you’re righte, as I think it’s way too powerful a rule (even with just just two!).

      As you say, the more fun way to run it is to load up on vehicles (which you’ll see very shortly in my new pure Ghost list). Still powerful but not game breaking ?

  • pandora

    This was a cool battle report!
    Do you think mass Eldar foot sloggers with soulburst could be a list?

    • Thanks! ? Yes a footslogger list could work I think and be a lot of fun too!

  • Guido Hockmann

    It’s not the power of the Ynnari soul storm that’s as bad as the disruption of the other player’s turn. Firstly, it adds to what is already becoming a very long game, time wise. Secondly, it removes the agency of the player’s turn. It’s bad enough standing back and watching your opponent play out their entire turn, it’s so much worse when they take over your turn as well!

    But as we’ve seen that the last codex of an edition is usually written with the next edition already in mind, I’m curious which direction 8th edition will take us.

    PS. I agree that the Eldar are such a cool faction. From the design of the minis to the awesome backstory of the race, to their mobile playing style. Ironically, GW did them no favours these last two editions, heaping strength onto strength and making Eldar players “that guy”…it sucks for Eldar players to have to handicap themselves when writing lists just so an opponent will agree to play against them.

    • Exactly this. Let’s bring on 8th and get these issues ironed out!!

  • DMvdH

    loved the game as usual! It was fun to see an Ynari game which wasn’t over the top powerful and it was interesting to see both of your learning curves during the game as well. One thing I am thinking over though, when the centurions split fired for the first time and killed a unit, you did the soul burst immediately, as the rules say you can. I think that you looked at the wording wrong though, as shooting at two targets when split firing also happens at the same time, according to the rules. The reason this is important is because otherwise you just could’ve moved off the other scatpack which was being fired at and remove them from LoS, or fired back at the centurion and theoretically killed the one shooting at that unit meaning he could not have fired at you. Interested to hear you take on it, and good to see James actually won a game! Might’ve been the first one on the channel? πŸ˜€

    • Yes I agree! I think we should have resolved the firing from his unit first and then activated the soulburst.

      And yes, second game James has ever won ??

  • Baniroth

    Hi can someone do me a favor and write down what the exorcist list is I’m having a hard time making it out