Striking Scorpion 82 Collaboration 40k Battle Report: Tyranids vs Imperial Fists 1850pts

Be sure to check out the re-match over Striking Scorpion 82!!!:

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the second epic clash with Luke Barker (Striking Scorpion 82), Hive Fleet Myrmidon takes on his Imperial Fists! But will the Scorpion prove more cunning then the Spider this time?

  • Torgaddon

    It’s four months sinceramente we have last seen Hive Fleet Myrmidon, I know that you have lots of projects going on (such as the War Convocation and the training for AN upcoming tuornament) but it wouldn’t be bad at all if you could film another Tyranid battle report and maybe even plan an update for a more competitive Hive Fleet.
    The Hive Mind would be proud of you.

    • Have no fear! Hive Fleet Myrmidon will return soon… I have some big new additions to it 🙂