Warhammer 40,000 8th Ed Battle Report: *NEW* Iron Warriors vs Militarum Tempestus 2000pts

Chaos Lord Beard returns to debut the Iron Warriors with the brand new Codex to take on the Astra Militarum’s finest!!

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  • CloneD Anon

    The Sicaran Accelerator Autocannon gets -3AP for every 6 that you roll to wound! So beard during 1st turn shooting with his first Sicaran rolled two sixes, so two wounds would have been -3AP and other two -1AP!!!

    • The B-Bone

      Ah well, at least it evened out with me forgetting I was T8 with the knight … so much self face palm

      • CloneD Anon

        lol 🙂

  • Donald Sherwood

    Wooooo, WWE references! I got you, Beard.

  • Dave Henderson

    What was going on with those dice rolls? Great batrep as always guys!

    • The B-Bone

      Mate no idea . We need to exorcise them or call in a. Witch doctor!

      • Andrew Carter

        I’m pretty sure Lawrence has plenty of Wyches for that, not sure they’re doctors though.

      • Dave Henderson

        Someone may’ve already done that, to try and mitigate against Lawrence Luck!

  • Andrew Carter

    Those dice were weird and that Knight was awesome.

    That Daemon Prince actually died turn 1, you forgot to take into account the wound from the Hot Shot Las gun so he lost all 9 wounds.

    • The B-Bone

      Damn! Never underestimate some sweet sweet hot las!

  • batthemadbat

    two thumbs up for cancer bats!!!

  • John Barber

    Always great to see the Iron Warriors out to play. And omg that Knight!

    @52mins in when those Tempestus guys (also awesome colour scheme; they actually look like spec ops) overcharged and shot those Oblits, because the overcharge goes to 2 damage each and they put two wounding hits through past saves (so 4 dmg total), it would have killed an Obliterator (which have three wounds each) but the remaining damage would have been lost because unlike sigmar; damage doesn’t wrap around unless they’re mortal wounds.

    Unless of course those Tempestus have their own Plasma guns with their own rules, in which case ignore me (as usual! :))

    I’m guessing orders just happen now, no Ld test required?

    • The B-Bone

      Totally agree we brain farted there mate! Not sure what happened haha! That was a really detailed walk through of the rules man, you should consider writing for GW 😀

      • John Barber

        Funny story, I did apply

  • R4zl

    As usual, great batrep! And I’m note sure there is word to describe how great looking that knight is!

    Turn 1 you forgot that if you pile in to a new unit that unit gets to activate and strike back. Would only have mattered against the demon prince but could potentially have freed up som shooting for Bone turn 1. But probably not with that awesome T6 & 2+ save! 🙂

    A bit of a game-y close combat tip: If the knight would have stopped the charge just under 1″ away from the rhino he could actually have tied up the obliterators in close combat with his pile in and consolidation. And if you pivot the base he could probably have tied up the marines as well. Could have saved the Knight, would at least have put him more than 8″ away from the Taurox for his explosion and maybe within 8″ of the other obliterators depending on their move. 😉

    Also: Did you mathhammer it out on the chainsword vs titanic feet?

    • The B-Bone

      Good point with the knight! I will remember that for next time… But hopefully he won’t be blowing up so fast because I will remember he is T8!!!

  • Lord Commissar 52

    Did you have 2 meltas in the scion squads who were not ten man? Because I recall reading that you can only have two weapons in ten man squads

  • Franco Nova

    Problem with the New Codex, is that it’s nothing compared to what Traitor Legions was :/

  • James Daniel Wilcox

    Great game gents! Totally need to have a shirt made with Beard on it shouting strengthness as he raises a fist to the heavens and is standing on a corpse.

  • Aaron Wilson

    Really wild game, after turn IW turn 1 I thought Beard was going to trounce it. Bones comes backs and really hit’s hard, then then Beard fluffed on the knight I thought it was game over! It was SO swingy, would of loved to been i nthe room for the armosphere! I realllllllly the look of both armies, Beards Iron Warrior Daemon prince looks really nice.

    One thing you guys keep forgetting is if you do Pile in / Consiladate into something in that fight phas they can be chosen to fight because they’re now within 1″ of a enemy unit. In this game it wouldn’t of been huge (I think the Daemon prince did it twice but only into Taurox) but it’s something that occurs a lot in the last few reports.