Warhammer 40,000 8th Ed Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Orks 2000pts

Bone drops in with an all new Wolf list to take on Beard and his Orks in this debut 8th
Edition game for Freeview!

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  • Jonathan Taff Jones

    Overwatch is not effected by modifiers

    • jamboxdotcom

      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Unless a unit/power/stratagem has a rule that says it nullifies overwatch, overwatch can always be taken as it is unaffected by any modifiers. Which makes sense, since overwatch is essentially just firing randomly.

    • Ah yes, we must remember this 🙂

      • Val Heffelfinger

        Ironically in one of the first batreps you looked it up and caught the mistake before you made it : )

  • Manacrazed

    What. A. Game! I had a great time watching this! Graz! What a beast!

  • Muzzatroll

    Unless I’ve missed an FAQ, Thunderwolves can still take Chainsword + Stormshield, as you replace the chainsword with a shield, and replace the bolt pistol with a Space Wolves melee weapon, and chainsword is the first one on the list.

  • Robbie Willems

    Just an hour in, but I can’t find lil’ Grotti. Where is he?!

  • Jonathan Taff Jones

    The order of your combats in ork turn 3 was way off. only 3 units charged so murderfang, the priest and cadnis should have gone but bjorn would have attacked before the mega nobs possibly

  • Ruben Knab

    Beard is awesome in 8th!

  • Andrew Carter

    Bone and his grenades, last time he took a Razorwing out of the sky, today it’s Gazkull, what next?, the Swarmlord?

  • Donald Sherwood

    It didn’t end up happening, but just as a clarification you can only use Heroic Intervention after all charge moves have been completed. There is nothing to allow it to be used in the middle of the Fight phase.

    • Jonathan Taff Jones

      it is after the particular charge that you want to intervene on not after all charges.

      • Donald Sherwood

        “After the enemy have made all of their charge moves…” Is what the rule says. There is nothing about a particular charge. I guess it could be interpreted that way, but I think it is quite clear.

        • Jonathan Taff Jones

          fair point. It was a TO that initially corrected me but it seems he was wrong as well. I bow down.

          • Donald Sherwood

            No need to bow. We are all equals in the eyes of the Emperor!

  • Jonathan Taff Jones

    consolidation is after the unit fights not after all fights have occured and must be towards the nearest enemy unit. there were a few times that consolidations were occuring (into the burner boys) that couldn’t have occured as the truck was still alive. 1 of the thunder wolf units should have had to go into a truck and not gazghull

    • R4zl

      And at the end of turn 3 where Bone consolidated into Thraka and the burna boys Beard would then have gotten to strike back since he could then activate the units that are within 1″. Could you please start consolidating tactically and after each unit has fought please?

  • Joshua Galvez

    Late to the party here, great battle report!
    Beard’s luck is turning around this edition, it’s quite dramatic. Very fun.

    Regarding pistols: they can only be fired into close combat if the bearer itself is within an inch of an enemy model, otherwise they cannot fire into combat.

  • R4zl

    An important thing to remember: The truck that fired on the rune priest turn 3(?) was closest to a model in close combat so coulnt target the rune priest character.