Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Adeptus Mechanicus 2000pts

The Sanga takes on a brand new player on the channel with his Adeptus Mechanicus force! But will Stig be able to take on the might of Sanguinius himself?!

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  • Stuart Blair

    Two TT battle reports on the same day! You guys are gonna spoil me.

  • stebalow

    More bang bang for the sang sang! Love it

    • Robert Edwards

      Hahaha yes!!

  • Adam Varney

    whats this, two? In one day, can it be?! MORE! keep em coming! no holding back now !

  • John Barber

    You know, the more that I think about it, the more I think that mortal wound canticle triggers only when the canticle is rolled (if it doesn’t otherwise say it happens in the Fight phase). So the idea would be that it would potentially help units already in combat or friendly units that are about to charge, so if an enemy model starts the battle round outside the 1″ range, it’s safe.

    That was such an intense game, congrats to both players. Nice to meet the Stig (noticeably without a helmet and driving a fast car) and of course see Sanga in action again. I don’t know much about Adeptus Mechanicus, but I definitely like Sanga’s list in this one. Abby bossed it but really shouldn’t have survived a certain section, so I guess that’s Sanga’s deplorable luck on display again.

    • Pete Croft

      This is the only way it makes sense to me! It’s an automatic effect, anything within 1″ of an affected unit takes a roll, it doesn’t trigger continuously.

  • so many absolutely epic dice rolls in that game. incredibly fun, very thematic with the StW duel – grotty must be very pleased. well done boys

  • UnLachy

    This is some real shit. This is shit that happens. This is the best battle report you have released. What were those rolls? What is Warhammer 40k? No body knows anymore all I know is I need more. Welcome Stig, and congrats to both you and Sanga on a masterpiece.

  • Nick Lucas

    Great game overall fellas, Stig, I wanted to post some advice for you seeing as your new to the glory that is Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii. I play nearly pure Skitarii armies, sort of like yours here, the only choices not being Skitarii are the Robots and Datasmith and Knight.

    First off I love your style, using Vanguard, Rangers, Plasma, Arc Rifles, Icarus Dunecrawlers, that’s all awesome stuff. Your army looks amazing, paint job is awesome, particularly liked the posing on the Icarus Dunecrawlers. Awesome banter with the Sanger too, you for right in!

    Now Cawl, he is extremely good, however to get the most out of his rerolls you need to take things that NEED his rerolls like grav/plas Kataphrons, and Kastelan. You had the two Kastelan but I would argue that does not justify bringing Cawl. Rerolling Ones with a TPD is usually sufficient for the 3+ BS Skitarii units. Also Forgeworlds such as Stygies VII, Graia, Metalica benefit Skitarii armies much more than Mars simply because those Dogmas compound with more models which Skitarii tend to run. Double Canticles are good but really you’re only ever truly getting the full benifit from Shroudpslam, which can be chosen twice via 2CP anyway giving you two full turns of cover which is more than enough time to do the amount of damage you need. Whereas a 6+++(FnP) or -1 to hit, or ignore advancing penalties see much more use if you’ve got like 50 infantry 5 tanks and some support units.

    On Dunecrawlers. Icarus arrays are good, don’t get me wrong I usually run one or two but three might be a bit overkill. Run two Neutron Lasers at minimum even if you take zero Icarus arrays. Look at the Protector Doctrina Imperative it gives a Dunecrawler +2 to hit meaning it can hit fliers on 2+. That is nasty, outside the fact that just one Dunecrawler could outright kill a Stormraven in one turn it will at minimum put some serious hurt on it. That same trick can apply to the Icarus Array shooting ground targets, I found the Gatling rocket launcher to be a fantastic Guard killer, 5 shots hits on 2+ blows a guardsmen up on 2+ doubles as an anti infantry weapon with the Strategem just as the Neutron Laser can double as anti air with the Strategem.

    Skitarii infantry… Run them in min squads of 5. This means that big bad Kastelan Robots even with their 18 shots per can only ever kill one 5 man squad per turn due to how their Protector protocol is worded in the new codex. You won’t have to worry much about morale and not waste points on Enhanced Data Tethers and those points can be used for more arc rifles and plasma. And I get what you are going for with the Enhanced Data Tethers and its synergy with Protector Doctrina Imperative, trust me when I say it’s not worth it on Vanguard/Rangers they already shoot well enough anyway. And this is coming from a guy who owns over 100 Skitarii Vangaurd/Rangers.

    Knights. I liked your Knight, but the Crusader is really the only choice if I’m honest. I can send you a knight Crusader to borrow, Knight Kass, the Black Princep of House Taranis, if you need a Crusader. Lawrence in his tactics hit the nail on the head, Knight close combat weapons are simply not good when compared to titanic feet, and the Crusader is a freaking boss. Honestly let me know if you’d like a Crusader on loan for a game or two, I will send him. Also don’t forget you can give your Knight a Canticle for 1CP with Knight of the Cog! Rerolling Ones in the fight/shooting phase with a Knight makes then incredibly powerful.

    Few minor points. Bubble wrap your stuff, I love Vanguard I really do and it pains me to say it but they are expendable, your Kastelan should never get charged turn one because the Vanguard should be out front and preventing the 9in deep strike. Your data smith has a really badass pistol, use it, he’s also very good in combat, use heroic intervention, there’s no reason not to. DO NOT FORGET CANTICLES. They are your armies only buff, you must squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of them, and this cannot be done when they are forgotten, do not forget!

    Glad to see you on here Stig, keep up the great work man, great battle report. Forgemoon Deimos stands beside you. Ours for the Sigillite! Glory to the Omnissiah!

  • Morgoth

    Right in the beginning, there was 1 robot with 1 wound remaining after the first 2 meltas and pistols had shot. Why did the Sanga shoot all his meltas before the pistols after this for the other units? In the end it didn’t matter, but if a melta actually went through, it would have been a waste of D6 damage potential for the 1 wound robot would have to take it. Why not shoot the pistols first to try and eat that wound off (or any other guns in the army to try and do the same). Plus, that way there would be no guys dying from reflected shots before they’d got to fire. 🙂

  • Tony Molinari

    A few things
    1. What an absolutely stunning game! I lost count with how many save or die situations came up and Abi’s last stand was GLORIOUS.
    2. Welcome to the channel Stig! Look forward to seeing more of you and how your army comes together as we go along.
    3. Just a bit of advice for Stig here, I think the Robots are much better served coming in groups of 4 if you are going with the dakka variants. Cawl + 4 dakka bots is a great core for any type of mars army. Also when running dunecrawlers, i would highly recommend using the Protector Doctrina stratagem on turn 1 (+1 to hit rolls for any skitarii unit) It makes it very likely to kill a high priority target on your first turn.
    4. Excellent work as always gents, you spoil us with the amount of content you’re churning out lately. Cheers!

  • Rye Johnson

    Watching this reminded me about what you said for melee weapons on the imperial knights not being that great in the tactica. It was never used the entire game due to screening units which you expect to happen most of the time. The crusader version is definitely more worthwhile if you can find the extra points for them.

  • Magnus

    Tactical Advice: First turn, when Sanga shoots the second Assault Marine unit I would have shot them in the opposite order: Pistols then Melta. That way the pistols could potentially have killed the 1 wound guy, and the melta take out the other guy.

    • Robert Edwards

      That’s a very good point. I’ll remember that for next time. Cheers.

  • Magnus

    I’m not sure, but I think Litanies of the Electromancer isn’t an ongoing power, but you check for it when you rolled for it, and that’s when it goes off.
    At least that’s how I read it, or else I would think it would have mentioned “when a unit move within 1″,” or something.

  • Rob Blatchford

    That was the best 8th Edition report you guys have released, what an absolutely insane game! Completely hooked, congratulations Sanga, great list.

  • Augusto Fioretti

    How can I watch my adeptus mechanicus army seriously again? I hear Bone’s voice in my head “frrrom outerrrspaaasee”. At least it’s from Ryza and not Mars…

  • Aaron Paulding

    Great game guys! Fun to watch and sounds like it was a blast to play! This is what this game’s about

    • Robert Edwards

      Spot on Aaron.

  • Nick Lucas

    Stig! Welcome to the channel, a man after my own heart with an army like that. Beautifully painted to boot. Great battle report and great banter, you fit right in man! Also I love the poses on the Icarus Array Dunecrawlers, they are perfect, I wish mine were posed like that.

    I am a seasoned Skitarii player, I also have a full AdMech but mostly play Skitarii. Since you’re new to the scene maybe some advice about the glorious private guard that is Skitarii might be useful? Like I said though, I like your style and this was a great fight, keep it up.

    First I wanted to talk about Cawl. He is very very good but really you want to take him in armies that absolutely need his rerolls. Armies that are heavy on BS 4+ units such as Grav/Plas Kataphrons and Kastelan. Only two Kastelan may not justify this cost! Skitarii already shoot extremely well, usually a reroll 1 will do it for them. The other thing about Cawl is he locks you into Mars, Mars dogma and strategems are good, but fora heavily Skitarii based army like yours it may not be the best. Because let’s be honest you’re really only ever fishing for Shroudpslam, some of the time you don’t even get it and other Forgeworld can get Shroudpsalm for the first two turns with 2CP allowing two full turns of Shroudpsalm which is usually plenty of time. Other Forgeworld like Graia, Stygies VII, and Metalica have Dogmas that see compounding returns on their Dogmas with higher model count armies aka lots of Vanguard/Rangers.

    Speaking of Vanguard/Rangers, I liked the way you kitted yours out. The eternal debate on ether or not Rangers are better than Vanguard will continue forever, just pick whichever. Dont hide your infantry if someone has deepstrikers, if they are deep striking your Vanguard and Rangers are, at that point, lowest priority to keep alive, the Kastelan should not be getting charged turn one, Vanguard are your deepstrike deniers, I love them ire ally do and it pains me to say it but they are expendable pawns, use them as such to protect your meaty innards of your army. Also run them in squads of 5, this means you don’t have to worry about morale and can use those points used on the Enhanced Data Tethers on more arc rifles and more Plasma. I get what you were going for with the Enhanced Data Tether and it’s synergy with the Protector Doctrina Imperative but trust me as someone who LOVES Vanguard (I own 70 of them, they are my favorite unit in 40k) it is not worth using on a squad of Vanguard/Rangers, they already shoot really well. I have tried this out a few times myself you’re better off using it on Dunecrawlers.

    DUNECRAWLERS. I like the Icarus Array I really do, I run one or two in each of my lists. That being said you need Neutron Lasers in your life, even if you’re against a flier heavy army. The Netron Laser can be affected by Protector Doctrina Imperative(PDI) as I mentioned above, this means it can strike out against fliers hitting them on 2+ since you should be equipping them with Broad Spectrum Data Tethers anyway. That is brutal. Nevermind the fact that a single Dunecrawler with PDI active on it can obliterate a Storm Raven in single turn, it will at the very least put some serious hurt on it. The same logic can be applied to an Icarus Array Dunecrawler shooting at ground targets. The Icarus Array makes for a very VERY nasty anti infantry weapon with PDI active, which makes them beautiful multi role tanks.

    I liked how you handled your Knight, you didn’t have hubris with it like most people do, you engaged smart targets and this allowed your Knight to live a lot longer and kept you in the fight. A tip for you though, an enginseer, the lowly lowly Enginseer, can repair a Knight for 1 wound and 2 wounds with the Tech Adept strategem. It may not seem like much but it can be the difference between losing your Knight and keeping your Knight alive allowing you to use Machine Spirit Resurgence, which is why I always have an Enginseer sprinting just behind the knight to keep him as healthy as possible. Also, Lawrence the Spider hit the nail on the head in regards to the Reaper Chainsword/Thunderstrike gauntlet, they are in a bad spot when compared to Titanic Feet. With that being said a Crusader will serve you much better. Especially in regards to the Knight of the Cog Strategem, giving a Knight Crusader with a Stormspear rocket pod Knight of the Cog makes sure that you get the most out of that singLe command point, which if you’re bringing a Knight, as the Spider said, you’re going to want to pour command points into him and get the most out of him. If you need a Crusader I will loan you my Knight Crusader Kass, the Black Princep of House Taranis, he has been in 7 battles thus far facing the likes of Mortarion, Magnus, Necron Pylons and Wraithknights, only being brought low needing repairs once by losing a duel with a Wraithknight. Just look up Black Princep on the warhammer40k subreddit to see the paint job. Seriously I will send him to you and pay shipping both ways.

    Great use of Data spike on the Tech Priest Dominus, I learned something new today, very well done to you.

    Finally, Canticles, I know they are hard to remember trust me, but they are our only buff and you need to squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of them as possible. Remember them at all times, constantly think “does my Canticles affect what I’m doing currently?” Also remember your Datasmith has a nasty little pistol, be sure to use it AND since he is a character he can heroic intervention, there is really never a reason not to if your Kastelan are the ones in close combat, he is basically a terminator dedicated to guarding your Kastelan.

    Again, Stig, love the army, you’re great, awesome banter and reactions! Looking forward to more, you are the boss! Forgemoon Deimos stands with you, Ours for the Sigillite! Glory to the Omnissiah!

  • Norad_Marr

    Very cool and fun game! 🙂 well done Sanga!! 😉 cool armys!

    • Robert Edwards

      Cheers mate. Always good to get a W on the belt. Stig’s gonna be a good player, looking forward to more games to come.

  • Laura Liebana Yeste

    At 32mins he saved with a six, return mortal wound? But you catch it on the following double six…

  • Marc Svensson

    Epic game guys and so much fun to watch!:)

  • Magnus

    Wow what a game! So nerve wreaking!

  • S Min

    NUMBER OF THE ‘BEAST’…. wasted nickname there 🙂

  • S Min

    Does a dune crawler get a cover save when on the landing pad when it is a vehicle?

  • Rutsy

    Beard is tripping over his beard somewhere after that match. So many ones!

  • CaptainBenza

    That was amazing, I need more! I’d love to see more titans. Titan on titan action please?

  • Ed

    Doesn’t crawls re-roll ability also effect overwatch? Stig could have shredded more of those assault marines in the first turn!

  • Grendle

    Welcome to the channel Stig!!! Great game guys! That was a roller-coaster back and forth!

    • Stig (alpha1603)

      Thanks mate! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • James Daniel Wilcox

    Awesome game! Really like that you are going with a larger core of non-elite infantry. Having more bodies on the board makes a HUGE difference.

  • Jason Dowdle

    Awesome battle report as always! One of my favorites so far.

    Why didn’t Stig use his command reroll on the wound roll against the Librarian during overwatch? Could have killed him and saved Cawl. Too exciting though. Very cinematic as you guys said. Couldn’t have ended any better for us watching!

    Thanks for all you guys do and keep up the great work!

  • Erik Tasker

    Woah, was Rob singing Barbra Streisand real quick? I thought I heard a second of Don’t Rain On My Parade ;D

  • Badger10

    Another fantastic battle report and so close. Great work everyone 🙂

  • Lexandrus

    Great battle report, as always! That warlords duel was just awesome! Very cinematic!
    Just off-topic: I have noticed these new 2000 pts games now became so much longer, comparing to standard 1850 pts reports you made in 7th edition. Not bad thing I guess, but this particular report took 2.40.00?! Huge difference to 1.40.00 in average for previous 7th reports, eh? ))

  • Bob Renshaw

    This was a great battle report. I enjoyed the newer players vs each other. Can’t wait to see more Mech! Hopefully he will look into some Dragoons or Ironstriders, would love to see how they do.

    • Stig (alpha1603)

      Thanks mate! And yep, I’ll definitely be adding some Dragoons relatively soon. I have one done already but looking to get another three done atleast!

  • Hatiphnauts

    Question regarding pile ins: when Sister Abigail stomped assault marines, could the casualties be chosen in such a way so as to enable pile in into the robot?
    Also, I think you don’t have to do pile-in moves anymore (wouldn’t change anything, but worth noting I guess).

    • Tony Molinari

      Yes on both accounts. To the best of my knowledge, you are not required to make a pile-in move, and yes you can remove models in order to free up room for another squad to pile-in. The caveats being you can only pile-in if A.) you charged this turn, or B.) you were already engaged in combat.

  • michalXxX

    I might be wrong but in 5 turn for Sanga – how could he use his flamers when he disengaged from the Imperial Knight? I mean in previous turn we had the same situation and then Lawrence told that Sanga couldn’t use them because of those marines retreating… If i misunderstood something then sorry i’m still learning. And as always awesome BattleRep

    • Tony Molinari

      Thats ok we are all learning mate. In the shooting phase you’re referring to, Sanga had 3 units of tac marines with 2x flamers; Abi had only engaged 2 of them. She would have needed to completely kill those 2 units if she wanted to pile into the 3rd. Thats why it was only 2 flamers fired instead of all 6. Cheers!

      • michalXxX

        I completely forgot about that third unit 😀 I was (at the time of writing previous comment) perfectly sure that Abi charged all three of them, but now that i watched it again i saw my mistake 🙂 This is what you get when you are trying to watch BattleRep in the middle of your graveyard shift.

  • Grey Buckleton

    What a fantastic showdown between the Dread a Cawl! Great job Sanga a win for the Angles!

  • Anders Jeppesen

    That die for Cawl was not cocked, obviously a 4. You’re a little inconsistent with what’s cocked and not. Sanga deserved that kill.

    • Sorry it appeared that way to you… it’s a tough one to call really, as it’s down to the players involved to determine what they’re happy with. I could of course tell the players that only I am allowed to call what is cocked and keep in consistent that way 🤔

      • Anders Jeppesen

        Yeah it can be a camera angle. To make it consistent I find that a few rules are usually needed:
        1. Dropped dice never count. Otherwise you can end up in a scenario where you drop a die and go “oh, that one is ok” and proceed to roll the rest of the dice.
        2. Cocked dice are either always rerolled, no matter what, or you test with a die on top (like you are doing most of the time). Basically, test or reroll.
        3. Let the opponent decide. It could hurt him or not, so let him decide. Makes for good sportsmanship 🙂

  • Bonemaw

    pretty great batrep 🙂

  • Daniel Conway

    WOW that was stressful to watch ha ha! Good battle rep though as always

  • Mike Jello-Sky

    So… Sanga and Fanga? LOL

    Nice report. I usually don’t like watching so many BA reports in a row, but you make it look easy and fun!

  • Martin Lindby

    yet Another epic release! Awesome Mechanicum army Stig, well done. Cant wait to see more of this. Cheers!