Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Battle Report: Tyranids vs Necrons 2000pts

A revamped Hive Fleet Myrmidon takes on the deadly Nefritai Dynasty and a dual Monolith list!

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  • James Clark

    Another great report, guys and now I want to dust of my crons again damn you lol

  • Warran Escott

    sticking with the strategem for discarding cards is spot on, except that should be used for things that are extremely difficult to get, something that you cannot even attempt such as the master the warp with the necrons should be an auto discard i certainly hope it gets an faq

    • Andrew Carter

      I agree with Warren, otherwise it feels like the player is being doubly punished, having to keep cards that are physically impossible for that army and then expend 2 valuable command points to change one of them.

  • Aaron Wilson

    What a epic game. Bones was so close!! The monoliths really proved hard to remove.

  • Muzzatroll

    As an Ultramarines player, thinking of both the Battles of Macragge and Damnos, I don’t know who to root for… :/

  • Jonathan Taff Jones

    One thing to be aware of. the exile gate is rolled against every unit that gets into combat. It isn’t an overwatch as it only occurs if the a unit gets into combat with it. As it isn’t overwatch there is no rstriction for it being used on every unit.

  • Jonathan Taff Jones

    Also with the -1 to hit from the malenthrope means the night scythes would not be getting 6s and so would not be getting extra hits

    • R4zl

      True, would actually have mattered a lot!

  • Lockinvar

    Can’t wait to see the Ad Mech, I am in the process of painting my own right now and I would love to see you play an army I am trying to build!

    Gonna get all the army and playing tips!