Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Battle Report: World Eaters vs Imperium 2000pts

Bone makes his Freeview filming debut taking command on not only the World Eaters but the camera as well, as he takes on Stig’s ever expanding Custodes alliance!

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  • Jatzinka Kosanovksa


    • Jatzinka Kosanovksa


  • Eoin McCormack

    That intro gets me every time, feckin hilarious!

  • Marc Svensson

    Now this is going to be a treat, and it seems Stig, that you and I are of a similar mind, as soon as the Custodes were announced I was like “here, have my wallet!”, haha! It really shows on your face at the start how excited you are, it was exactly the same for me when I pulled my Allarus out and my friend was expecting more Raven guard:D Now lets just hope the Emperors finest put on a good show!:)

  • Kit Wells-Furby

    hi guys, looking forward to this, but one thing I’ve picked up on from the lists; you can only take ‘relics’ from the same faction as your warlord, so for Stig’s list, the relics would have to come from the Custodes, not AM, so no Kurov’s Aquila, a small thing but something I thought I’d share

    • Kit Wells-Furby

      p.s. been following the channel for ages and I’m a big fan 🙂 keep up the good work

      • Marc Svensson

        What he could do is get one for free from the Custodes and then spend 1CP to buy the Aquila for the Tempestor Prime, which will most likely pay for itself and then some.

        • Kit Wells-Furby

          aye I’ve heard of that one, personally it feels a bit odd that you can circumvent the restriction by using the stratagem, but it certainly looks legal

          • Stig

            Yep, to be 100% honest I made a mistake here and forgot about having to use the other strategem to get the AM one! All things considered, by the end of the game, I don’t think my mistake had too much impact (other than me feeling like an idiot for getting it wrong! ☺️👍🏻)

      • The B-Bone

        Cheers mate! Good catch on this as well!

  • Robe

    Just got in from a really crap shift, come home to see ANOTHER upload from you bosses, thanks for brightening this grimdark reality up once more!

  • Kelvin

    I don’t think it came up too often, but don’t the Custodes have a 4+ invulnerable save?

    5+ from Aegis of the Emperor (page 56) and then an additional +1 for The Emperor’s Chosen (page 72) as your supreme command detachment is battle-forged

    • Marc Svensson

      Yes that is correct and I just watched a Lascannon go through when Stig rolled a 4 to save on a bike captain. 😮

      • Stig

        Sorry guys! This was a silly mistake on my part!

        • Mark Pinder

          Thought the same thing 4+ invul but hay, awesome as always mate where always learning.

          True with what you say they are great as a plug in I run them with my blood angels

  • Mike Jello-Sky

    Custodes are no joke eh?
    It’s like I said, GK will gather dust on the shelves with these boys around…
    Awesome fight! I’m sitting here, gluing together bloodletters thinking: “I need a Kytan!”lol

    Stig, you rocked those custodes. Your 900pts really did tie up his 2000. Would definitely be interesting to mix those Custodes with some las-dreads. Maybe Space wolves or to be really nasty, Bobby G and a couple of las-ven dreads LOL

    Bone, doesn’t the studio have that drop pod that can drop and fly?Maybe ditch the rhinos and try that? Those berserkers would do nasty thinks behind enemy lines and to guard lol

    Loved it all the same!

    • My poor, poor Hammers of Titan are feeling left out right now 😞

  • CrookedMysteryJazz

    Death to the false emperor?

    • The B-Bone


      • CrookedMysteryJazz

        I know I was so proud of you!

        • The B-Bone


      • John Barber

        Omg, really? I was just about to make this very same DTTFE comment even before I start watching it 😉

  • Mihail Matsukevich

    Guys, reports are great, but a lot rules mistakes. Doesn`t matter, you`r simply the best))

    p.s. PLASMA – RAPID FIRE WEAPON! shoot twice (don`t forget about that) 🙂

  • Skylar Petitt


    Don’t forget if you’re using beta rules that you can target characters much more freely. For instance, on World Eaters turn 1, you could shoot the Warlord, even if he is not the closest, if there is nothing (besides characters) closer to you. Keep killin it!

    • Skylar Petitt

      Also just finished the game, EPIC!

  • Outbrake

    Well done Mr. Bone and Stig! Keep it up guys. I can’t get enough!

    • Stig

      Thanks mate!

  • John Barber

    Haha ‘Unlimited Powwaaahhhhh!’ Good to see that it isn’t all going to your Head B-bone! That you’re as humble as ever 😀

    • Stig

      Thanks mate! Full Custodes are on the way! I’ve got to split my time to get a few Ad Mech things done in time for No Retreat and then I’m back on my golden boys!

  • Ferrum Salvator

    Great battle guys! Epic board, players and armies. The Reapers are defiantly are my favourite army on the channel.
    Stig, if you end up using them again remember to have a look at the “Vengeance for Cadia” Stratagem. Ludicrously low amount of command points needed to utilise it. In conjunction with the Stormtrooper doctrine and ‘first rank second rank fire’ order for the hot-shots and rapid firing the overcharged plasma guns. With one squad you have the potential to fire and hit home with a horrific amount of shots and do an insane amount of damage to an unsuspecting chaos unit. The Spider and the Chef (with a bit of salt!) touch on how good this stratagem is in the Astra Millitarum Tatica videos.
    Any way, your doing great. Playing very tactically and it seems it won’t be long before you have mastered all the armies on the channel. Keep up the awesome work team! #Carnie hands

    • Stig

      Yep, so many strategem stock remember but I should have used that one! Especially as I remember watching the Codex review and hearing the section you’re talking about with Chef and Lawrence!

  • Jamie Birse

    Nooo Benjibone! Heroicly Intervene with that Sar Garroth badboi 43:53!!! You’d have gotten free swings without getting hit back!

    • The B-Bone

      Yeah I totally missed that one! Doh!

      Ps that’s a sick way of looking at morale!

  • vulk4n

    Gotta remember the Grenade launchers for the Terminators such a powerful weapon!!! Great batrep guys keep it up!

    • Stig

      Would have been good on the Berserkers for sure! Such a silly mistake from me! 😔

  • Maxime Lafarge

    Stig your forgot to shoot the ballistic grenade launchers of the terminator custodians in turn 1 😱. Could have obliterated those berserkers.
    And the misericordia is strengh user so 5, only need 5 to wound rhino.
    Too many mistakes guys on this one just after 48’ :(, not showing the might of the custodes
    Happy to have Bone back on cam though 🙂

    • Stig

      Yeah you’re right, you guys are Bosses and only deserve the best!

      • Maxime Lafarge

        Well we’re also here for the fun. No worries ;). Also my inner over competitive self raging when seeing opportunities to crush some heretics missed 🤣

  • GerManticore

    Great battle!

    One thing my nitpicking self noticed, I think you can only use the Astra Miliarum Heirlooms of Conquest (i.e. Kurov’s Aquila) if your army is lead by an Astra Militarum Warlord.

    If your Warlord is Custodes, you’ll “only” have the Custodes Relics.

    • Stig

      Yeah, silly mistake as I should have used the strategem to get the extra Relic!

  • Yann Head

    bloody good game, I am always amazed how often you can re-role a “1” and get … a “1”! even with the same dice.
    I wonder if Custodes and “Stig’s VIII” would be a good combo?

    • Stig

      Yeah, I could probably field a pretty nasty Tactica style list combining my two armies!

      Maybe one for the future if you guys want to see it!

      • Yann Head

        what about a list thats breaks the norm? +/- 1000pts of custodes that performs a “castle role” and +/- 1000pts of Stigs’ VIII that “box” and “Map control” using their stratagem…

      • Chad Jirovec

        Stig, my friend is currently building a Ad Mech/Custodes list. Still fine tuning it, but has 2 squads of bikes for sure. But I for one would like to see what you and Lawrence come up with. Also at 1:26 the Aspiring Champ’s BS is 3+ not 2+. Not sure if one more alive guardsman would have made a difference though. As per your comment on doing a full 2000 point Custodes list, really looking forward to that. Keep on playing. You will only get better.

  • R4zl

    Sorry to nit pick but:
    You can’t get Astras relics if your warlord is a Custode, right?

    Custodes get a 4++ invul and would have been good to give 2 custodes the 3++ relics instead of the Aastra one.
    Furthermore, what was the warlord trait? 5+ fell no pain would have served them well. And shoulder the mantle would have made your other warlord able to pick a new warlord trait aswell.

    Also if you would have surrounded the exalted champions rhino with the bikers you would have wiped the squad within.

    Both facts above could have meant your bikers could have possibly lived through another turn or two. Definetly if you would have surrounded the Rhino.

    A tip on the Allarus terminators: The grenades on the terminators could have made a huge difference turn 1. And that lone allarus terminator could have blocked the Kytan on turn 2, saving your warlord!

    Loads of misses on number of shots from both orders and on overwatch.

    Otherwise as usual a great & fun game to watch!

    • The B-Bone

      Cheers for the feed back mate! We will get those right next time 🙂

      • Sam Shand

        Also hot shot lasguns are strength 3, so wounding marines on 5+, I think you might have picked it up later in the game

  • Philip Swanson

    If you’re running a pure custodes detachment (which you are, w the supreme command), all the custodes get +1 to their invuln saves. You’d be sitting on a 4++, not 5++

    • The B-Bone

      Very true, Stig suffered a little from first time user in this game! But he learns quickly, so I am sure next outing will be flawless!

  • Bonemaw

    Bone, your laugh sounds a bit like this guy’s xD

    • The B-Bone

      He is clearly copying me!

      • Bonemaw

        clearly! BTW have you acquired a purple toga to wear whenever you are playing your Tau ?
        I am sure it would throw off Lawrence every time heheh

        • The B-Bone

          HAHA I really must get one!

  • Joe Kerr-Delworth

    Fun batrep guys! Pretty impressed with how the Custodes survived the first couple of turns!

    Couple of rules issues though, as others have pointed out – but the one they’ve missed off is to do with the Orders. Only a 6″ range on the orders, and if using the vox to increase it the commander has to be within 3″ of a unit with another vox unit.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    • The B-Bone

      Good point! Thanks mate!

  • Karl De Paor

    Loved the bat rep as always bbone but my God the rules mistakes lol. Easy to sit here and see them though. I think poor stig needs to play more games with Scions before fielding them on csmera. Just to reiterate tjough, loved the bat rep, keep up the good work

    • Stig

      Upon reflection it was probably a little ambitious (or stupid! ☺️👍🏻) to field two brand new armies at once! Glad my mistakes didn’t take away your enjoyment of the report though!

      • Karl De Paor

        I was thinking more of you having to read the super rule Nazi comments. I just enjoy a fun bat rep which you never fail to produce. Also as an unexperienced player it takes balls to field new armies so fair play lad. Hope to see many more from you.

        • Stig

          Thanks matey! You have to have thick skin when putting content online! I’m probably my worst critic anyway! Just keep tying to learn… ☺️👍🏻

  • xanost

    I was rooting for the World Eaters to the very end! Good game!

    • The B-Bone

      Thanks mate!

  • snakechisler

    Really enjoyed it, there’s a couple relics to boost to a 3+ which will be much needed.

    They need an ally rather than running full custodes simply because of command points and objective grabbing and thematically you could see them running around with primaris or guard with an Inquisitor.

    900 – 1100 seems about right

    • The B-Bone

      Glad you enjoyed it mate!

  • Γιάννης Ανδρεόπουλος

    Can we please get a TTT T-shirt for stig that has ”Miss Cordilia” on the back? PRETTY PLEASE LAWRENCE??? I mean he went a long from ”misericordia”…. 😀

    • Stig


    • The B-Bone


  • Mikhail Nikitin

    Good to have you back bone, i was starting to wonder what happened to you. Great game love seeing titanic models just run amok on the battlefield. The Scions are so damn cool, but so are the World eaters, i was just very excited about evertyhing this bat rep! Stig, Bone, World Eaters, Golden Janitors, Metal Gear Solidesque Special Forces, Its all good!

    • Stig

      Glad you enjoyed it buddy!

  • Israx’Shall

    Great and fun battle report as always guys! Instead of pointing those rule mistakes which are natural for someone learning the army, I would like to give some advice regarding your tactics Stig, if you allow me:
    – In your first shooting phase you should had focused your fire on each Rhino until you destroyed one before jumping to another one. This ways you would have destroyed two rhinos and allowed your Shield Captains to charge the berserkers inside one of the middle rhinos, probably obliterating the whole unit and even the exalted champion. It would had made the gain far easier probably.
    – And for the Custodes again, you have to really try to use their really great stratagems. In this case, for example, on World Eaters turn 2 you could have used the stratagem to charge in the enemy charge phase with your injured captain. With this he would have attacked first and probably killed a lot before being wiped out!

    I think that doing the two things above (and of course remembering the 4+ invuln!) it would have been much more difficult for Mr Bones to get rid of your Bike Captains.

    Way to guys!!

    • Stig

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts Israx’Shall! And it’s so funny but I remember thinking at the time, do I concentrate fire or just damage each enough so I could charge each of them with a single Captain! Obviously I chose the latter, wrong option, but it’s good to hear that I did atleast think of right play! ☺️ Just was a little too greedy not totally knowing how well the Custodes would do and knowing that I did need to stop the Rhinos mid board!

      • Israx’Shall

        I think it´s a good thinking also, but take into account that what they carry is far more dangerous,specially in this case. Opening up the case would have allowed you to pick some of the sweets inside 😀

        • Stig

          Absolutely! We live and learn!

  • Mike Rainbow

    As Bonecam is going to be more common place I think he needs his own special purple ‘marked for death’ toga dice! 🙈😂

  • Rhaine_007

    Great game, so close!!! I don’t think iv’e seen a batrep where someone has remembered that many Death to the false emperor rolls, well done. I think you need to remember the consolidate after combat Bone. Really could have helped the Kytan get up the board with 3″ after each combat the Kytan ended up unengaged. Also you could have consolidated into the Taurox with Sar Garoth after his combat.

  • Salvatore

    Cheeky lighter at 1:19:58 – a nominal way to burn heretics I suppose.