Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Cult Mechanicus vs Astra Militarum 1850pts

The brand new Cult Mechanicus force debuts here on Freeview in a brutal clash agains the Colonel and his Astra Militarum.

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  • Sam Shand

    Have the Guard ever won a battle on TT? if so what report so I can watch.
    They always seem to be at a disadvantage in most battle reps. Would a Void Shield generator make them more competitive?

    • Oh yes, the Colonel has won quite a few games, he’s beaten my Dark Eldar amongst others. A Void Shield Generator would help but the issue tends to be how static his army is… It tends to fall apart when the enemy gets into his lines.

      • Sam Shand

        Just watched the Dark Eldar match. Great battle rep. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Really interesting battle report. Cult Mechanicus continues to look great. I was wondering about the effectiveness of the tech priest dominus plus breachers deepstriking, the guaranteed accuracy seems amazing, you can always throw them at the biggest mech threat your opponent is bringing.

    • It really is a powerful formation! The army it would be less effective against are Intercepting Tau…

  • Jordan Mcerlean

    I was curious about the rules for line of sight in tank squadrons. See for example at 21.00 onwards. Does TTT play it as though vehicles in the same squadron can never block LOS? It seemed really weird for the Lemand Russ squadron be able to fire all weapons with no restrictions when the second tank in Jamie’s squadron was directly behind the first one, effectively blocking LOS for certain weapons such as the lascannon etc.

    • TheColoneltt

      the rulebook states that vehicles in the same squadron do not block line of sight. is a really handy rule when running tank heavy lists.