Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Cult Mechanicus vs Space Wolves 1850pts

Beard(ish) crashes into the Studio to debut the new Wulfen Murder Pack formation on Freeview! Facing off against this new threat, the tried and tested Elimination Maniple heads up a Cult Mechanicus force determined to prove their Binaric Omniscience!

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  • Dani Gillam

    this moment sure has been a long coming ! i thoroughly enjoyed watching, great work 🙂

    • Dani Gillam

      by that i mean your demise ^^

  • Steven Jack

    Hi, please as a fellow brother of the rout do not forget about counter charge Joe in future games. Lawrence, throw the guy a bone! HAHA but honestly i do cry every time that you do forget, Very fun Battle report however there as still some errors being made in regards to the Wulfen .When rolling the curse of the Wulfen you only roll one dice for all affected models not individually. That was significant because the TWC unit that got the double move would not have received that bonus,

    the counter charge that was could have had the most impact was when the knight charged against the Wulfen, you should have had 3 more attacks not that it mattered….. 😛

    there was potentially missed attacks during the extended robot combat too, i think it was the first phase when the robots charged the twc.

    Tactically the only thing i would have changed for Joe was to put the Iron priest to the front in future games he can tank a lot more hits for you with his 2+ Armour, make him a HQ choice and maybe he can take a belt of Russ for 4++ maybe some cyber wolves to look out sir AP2 hits

    Love the battle reports, especially when the wolves win :), S.

    • Thanks buddy! Yeah, I think you’re right about the Wulfen Hunt table, I did say this to Beard(ish) but he was convinced your rolled for every unit… I’ll double check and remember for next time 🙂

  • Andrew Carter

    That rolling, so very un beard like.

    Good game, I think the only unit I’d consider using against the Wulfen/TWC in close combat is a sword and board Wraithknight or a Corpsthiefe Claw with a Dark Artisan for back up and FnP shenanigans, and even then I’m not sure I fancy their chances.

    • He was rolling HOT! But in all seriousness, I think the Corpsethief and Dark Artisan combo would work fine against them due to the 4+FNP re-rolling 1s. Also Dark Eldar as a whole would be a really tough match up for these Wolves as all the poison would literally blow them off the board in a couple of turns… It’s unlikely the Wulfen would ever make combat.

  • Matthew Ellenbroek

    Which Space Wolf Formation are you using to get the thunderwolf cavalry?

    • He was using the Company of the Great Wolf Detachment, of which the Thunderwolves were just Fast Attack Choices. He also used an ‘Air Superiority Detachment’ from Death From the Skies for the Stormwolves and the Murderpack Formation for the Wulfen, so 3 sources total 🙂

    • Stealgaze

      I would guess he is using the detachment out of Champions of Feneris which would be 1 HQ(wolf Lord) and 2 Elites(iron priests) to match requirements.