Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Dark Angels vs Orks 1850pts

Joe returns with an updated Ork list, led by the mighty Ork Warlord Jawrippa! But will Jawrippa and his motley crew of bikers be able to lead their Ork horde to victory against the finest the Inner Circle has to offer? This turns out to be one of the closest games we’ve ever fought, so keep watching to the bitter end!

  • Siile

    Another amazing match! You played a perfect game. The reason it was so tight was the unlucky rolls against the bikes I guess.
    The only major mistake imo was to waste all those shots into the Stompa instead of using them to wipe out/weaken that unit of Boyz (which caused major problems one turn later for your Terminators). Like you said, shoot what you can kill, and those were pretty much free kills on a very annoying unit.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, always shoot what you can kill! My number one philosophy ??