Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs Imperial Fists 1650pts

Liam returns to the studio with his Imperial Fists to challenge my Dark Eldar to a Throne of Skulls Supremacy practice game! With a dual gun toting Imperial Knight in tow, will the Void Spiders be able to stand up to it with their Corpse Thief Claw?

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  • jamboxdotcom

    Fantastic game! Liam’s army is easily one of the most gorgeous armies I’ve ever seen. Loved his narrative during the game, as well 😀 Also… it seems everyone always forgets that a Crusader has a flamer (heavy flamer?) in his Avenger Gatling arm.

  • Ryan Wakefield

    Oh damn beautiful Imperial Fists…. so close for me to paint at that level.

  • Snerqt

    53:14 I have a question there don’t you HAVE to remove a whole model since the wounds were done in one initiative step? I mean you didn’t cause you are no “douche” but don’t you actually have to do that? I’m not sure though. I always get confused when iit comes to assigning wounds.

    • Yeah, it’s a really confusing but of the rules actually! Officially, you are have to remove wounds from the nearest model to the attacker. So you can switch around wounded models to the rear of a unit to kee them alive longer 🙂

      • Snerqt

        “In either case, once a model has a Wound allocated to it during an Initiative step, you
        must continue to allocate Wounds to it until it is either removed as a casualty or the
        Wound pool is empty.”

        • Yes, very true for combat. I was referring to shooting 🙂

          • Snerqt

            Yeah I was referring to the situation around 53 minutes in. I had this discussion earlier this week in a game just looking for confirmation. I thought the rules are pretty clear on that but then I saw this report and got confused again 😀

          • Haha – no worries 🙂

  • Really fun game. I loved the cinematic quality of it, especially the epic drop pod entrance. Liam’s storytelling added a fun dynamic.

  • batthemadbat

    Amazing armies, beautiful table, great game… this is what I signed up for! (although this was freeview 😉

  • Mikail L. Michael

    Gorgeous armies! But the Lord commissar really caught my eye, what model is that? Did he kit bash/convert it? Great game all the same!

    • Thanks! Great question on the Commisar, I believe Liam kit bashed it…