Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Deathwatch vs Nurgle Daemons 1750pts

Beard drops into the studio via a Corvus Backstar and brings his elite Deathwatch army with him to take on B-Bone and the forces of Grotti the Nurgling! All this AND we debut the brand new Tabletop Tactics Warzone Battle Mat range!! Order yours while they’re hot!

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  • John Barber

    Haha. I agree that Grotti is the mascot. Sorry Toga bone. Also the battle matt looks fantastic! I also agree about houseruling not using Warp Storm. It’s usually a massive waste of time or it just screws up the game! Having said that though; you do have a slightly better chance of getting Warp Surge.

    At 1:13mins in; those Frag Cannons couldn’t actually kill the entire unit (inc Herald) mainly because their template range wasn’t enough to cover the entire unit (unless the power of the camera lacks that necessary depth perception, it certainly didn’t look like it)

    Not sure if it’s worth it so close to 8th, but if you’d like some advice Bone, remember that as Nurgle your daemons have defensive grenades. Which means that things like your plaguebearers can actually throw vile dustballs at their opponents, (8″ S1 blast) in your shooting phase and hopefully have your opponent fail some initiative tests. This will greatly help with your units survivability.

    • The B-Bone

      Oh cool! I didn’t know that! Would have made this game a bit closer i think … And as for your thought on the mascot… Well I suppose we have to agree to disagree haha

  • Manacrazed

    Looked forward to an entire DW army list! They are hard to field without steel rain and just abusing frag launchers. I enjoyed that game a lot, it was very back and fourth I thought for a while! Shame it wasn’t ITC rules the opponent gets to seize on a 5 because the player had a monstrous critter, that’s right isn’t it? If it is right then Beard seized… by proxy haha!

  • Nicholas Redford

    Great battle report! Near the end when Beard’s psyker died from perils of the warp on the result of a 1, his unit takes d6 strength 6 ap 2 wounds, which would have been hilarious if the frag cannons died.