Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: *NEW* Thousand Sons vs Imperium 2000pts

We were lucky enough to receive a preview copy of the Thousand Sons Codex! Watch the legions of Prospero take on a Custodes led Imperial force in this double debut game!

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  • Mike Rainbow

    Great video, and some unlucky rolling by the spider (for once). How do we think a Grey Knights Army with a Custodes detachment would go? šŸ˜¬

    • R4zl

      Grey knights would bring a few more bodies but not many. The number of denies they would help out a bunch vs many armies however. Still not a great army for racking up CPs or clearing hordes though. šŸ™‚

  • Jeremy Mitchell Vrtis

    I am very sure this has been uploaded before. Hmmmm

    • The B-Bone

      It was on youtube, but for some reason didn’t come up on the website at the same time? And as I was away and Lawrence was at the LVO we missed it… Self facepalm!

  • Ben Murphy

    Yes, I believe this was uploaded yesterday? Either way, great battle report. I loved seeing what just three custodes characters can do in an army (a lot!). My only complaint is that the Thousand Sons were still better off casting smite in most situations than any of their new spell choices. Maybe the new psychic powers are something that a list needs to be built around? Let’s see a swarm of Tzaangors in the future! Custodes vs Tzaangor swarm!

  • Shane Johnstone

    Brilliant game as always. An absolute blast seeing what the shield captains and the Thousand Sons are capable of. A Tzaangor list would be pretty interesting to see in the future.

  • John Glass

    Watched this on YouTube a couple of days ago. Cracking game, and some truly woeful dice rolling by the Spider!

    As much as I love the Custodes models, for me it’s just too elite to be run as a stand alone army. It would have such a low model count that it may struggle in predominantly objective based scenarios. However, I do think we will see many more ‘Imperial soup’ armies that take a Custodes detachment: those 3 biker Captains were rock hard, and being able to deny a Warlord kill with that cool stratagem, awesome.

    I have just started collecting Grey Knights, and am now pondering picking up the Custodes biker box …

    • R4zl

      +1 on the Imperial Soup armies becoming much more common – even competitively! Especially since the switch-warlord stratagem works even if your warlord is someone you might play aggressively like Guilliman or Celestine. Though we will probably see them more often with the likes of Astra Militarum or Tempestus.

      Their stratagems and a lot of their relics are actually very cool! Wonder if the sisters of silence will get updated rules as well soon… A cheap HQ and they would make a great battalion ally for these golden boys.

      The bikers are the winners in the codex as a stand alone unit but I actually like the synergy the allarus terminators can bring with their character hunting/sniping and the stratagem to shut down a dangerous overwatch.

  • James Bramley

    Nice report as per guys. We got any craftworld stuff coming up?

    • Sure do… a TON of Craftworld stuff in fact šŸ˜‰

      • James Bramley

        Excellent, teach me oh mighty farseer draugnir

  • Chris Hughes

    awwwwwwww. already watched this one šŸ™

  • Leonard Mckinney


    • Mike Rainbow

      It was up on you tube before, and there was a delay getting up on the site. No biggie šŸ‘šŸ½

  • Jordan Sparkes

    You make me want to start every army you feature on the channel, Lawrence.

    Games Workshop need to sponsor you, your videos are the best promotion for me.

  • More Chef! šŸ™‚

    • The Chef

      My presence must be limited, lest the site crashes from me interrupting it all the time šŸ˜‚

  • Toby Proctor

    Love the lists, love the batreps – all great stuff! Chef needs to reign in interrupting Spider all the time though. Get’s a bit annoying.

    • The Chef

      It’s not… *all* the time… Right? Sorry, you know I get a bit excited…OK a lot excited… OK more excited than a child with a puppy and sugar, but still!

      • Toby Proctor

        I think it’s the understandable excitement of the new ‘dex šŸ˜›
        Keep up the great work guys!

      • Replikant Yensei

        Don’t change a thing Mr. Chef, you’re a class act – keep it up šŸ˜€
        Perhaps… that is the true power behind your victory – interrupting Mr. Spyders focus!?

  • Anders Jeppesen

    I know you guys are probably focused in LVO, but please consider a post saying that you don’t want to upload reports like this as Lawrence is distracted and misses quite a few things.
    You even admit that you are distracted.

    You forgot Death to the False emperor when it would have mattered a lot. You say 1 wound to chef on the golden bike vs the scarabs, when you roll 2 wounds.
    You don’t get the full value of your army when playing like this and you’re supposed to show off Thousand Sons, not 3 gold bikes and your smurfs.

    Yes, I’m a disgruntled Thousand Sons player that is sad GW didn’t take their time to give Ahrimans black staff proper stats and come up with a decent aura for Ahriman other than reroll 1’s to hit.
    Also removing the reroll invuls of 1 was gone, which was a cool unique aura for Tsons.
    And then having to sell the birdmen from AoS they make them the most viable option in the codex. First ever codex for Tsons and GW wiffed. Imo. Tsons had survivability and GW takes away the aura that supports this.

    Tsons were also supposed to be master psykers, so make legion trait +1 to test, not 6″ extra range. Besides the psychic powers need such high psychic tests it feels like they cast less powers than Death Guard. Miasma of pestilence is WC6, but glamour of Tzeentch is WC7 and they do exactly the same thing, why?

    • Sorry you were disappointed by this one buddy. Yes I was a little distracted but it was also a brand new Codex so mistakes are bound to happen I’m afraid. I try extremely hard to get things right, but don’t all the time. There will be plenty more Thousand Sons games in the future in any respect where I will be sharper.

      • Luke Grant

        I personally loved this batrep. Thousand sons player and hyped for new codex, Was sad you rolled so badly.

        Mistakes seemed minor. There was a lot of banter, and it was clear you guys were not taking the game as seriously as others and having fun, which made it all the more enjoyable to watch.

        My biggest disappointment, however, was the announcement that the red gem dice are gone. I procrastinated too long! (like i do with painting XD).

        Looking forward to the Sons next outing.

        • Mike Rainbow

          I ordered the Red gem dice (wife defo needs to be marked for death)! I saw Mr Spider sent Bone to deliver them personally to Australia but he must of forgot to pack them šŸ™ˆ So at this moment they are probably somewhere on route by the trusty old TTT carrier pigeon šŸ’ŖšŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½

      • Anders Jeppesen

        I love your videos Lawrence and the content you create, but battle reports are not unique on the interwebz. The main reason I like your videos are because you get the rules right, while the quality matched Miniwargaming.
        As you’ve probably noticed MWG are losing viewers because they get the rules so badly wrong to a point where the lists they play with aren’t even matched play legal.

        I just implore that you consider not uploading content if it is not up to the usual par of your amazing videos šŸ™‚
        I am very happy that you check if it would have any impact when you discover mistakes. It’s awesome!

        Also, more videos with Chef! But tell him to get a haircut šŸ˜‰

    • Tony Molinari

      I really don’t understand why people get so bent out of shape about rules mistakes. I promise there are no perfect games of 40k. I’ll admit, missing DTTFE is almost a running joke on the channel at this point lol. Try filming your own games, I guarantee you catch numerous errors when you go back and watch them. Just look at the top 8 at the LVO. These are some of the best players in the world, and more then one game was decided by a rules error. All that being said, not every batrep has to be super competitive. I was just hyped to have Chef playing 40k again!! Need more Chef rants in my life.

    • Maxime Lafarge

      I Liked the Bat rep, it was indeed not as serious as it could have been and honestly it was fun to watch as more Fun and light hearted as usual. No worries you’ll have plenty Thousand sons content with the campaign ! Plus what are you complaining about, this Codex is one of the best so far and a bit OP to be honest…

    • John Barber

      They were supposed to show off the gold bikes, this is their debut game too…

      I admit the continual forgetting of DTTFE is kinda silly (although I think it’s more funny than not), but honestly it wouldn’t have changed this game. Good dice rolling would have changed this game. Chef’s rolls were on fire, with his warlord denying key spells really really swung the tide imo.

      Extra range is actually a very, very good trait, putting your spells outside enemy deny capability or even adding extra range allows technical flexibility that would otherwise be impossible.

      Rerolling saving throws of 1 combined with all is dust is grossly overpowered, especially with Rubricae line armies, especially considering how rare it is to even find -1 and above basic line firepower out there. It’s almost as bad as the old screamerstar builds that plagued 7th.

      • Anders Jeppesen

        There were 3 bikes…
        This game didn’t show the golden bikes, it showed the Thousand Sons lacking and the golden bikes being really good addition to an imperium army. I doubt they are competitive due to being priced correctly.

        The extra range makes you go from 18 to 24 mostly. 24 is the deny the witch range. What’s your point?
        And Thousand Sons powers cost more WC to cast. So how useful is a psycher army that cannot cast psychic powers?
        And it doesn’t help with the argument that “their powers are more powerful than that of other armies” because they bloody well ought to be as this is their thing. The army is overcosted marines with a sometimes better save if they can’t cast.

        Combined with the pts cost and abundance of horde armies, the reroll invuls of 1 was never grossly overpowered. Not even plainly overpowered.
        How many times did you see rubrics or scarabs played in a tournament? Never. Gw overreacted again because Magnus had the reroll invuls of 1 and used it on himself. He didn’t need to have it.

        • John Barber

          Yeah, there were 3 bikes. Because the army as a whole is bloody expensive. It was two of three shield captains who practically did the majority of the work if only because Lawrence’s rolls were horrible.

          Any added range is handy because it’s rather unlikely that your enemy has blanket effect throughout their entire force short of themselves stacking for it. So taking out targets because of it is by logical extension pretty good. Incidentally, it’s not just about smiting your opponent or attacking them, but being able to buff your other units too. For example; Warp time only has a usual range of 3″, this may allow you to position yourself in a way to affect another friendly target, whether because you couldn’t because of deep strike limitations or terrain. That’s what I mean when I say it offers increased tactical flexibility.

          I’ve seen more than a few rubrics (particularly the flamer variants) and scarabs played in tournaments actually, especially with rhino rushing with the flamer rubrics. I don’t usually see 10 strong scarab squads though.

  • Donovan Dosanga Sailo

    It didn’t matter as Lawrence had used his reroll but I believe that Stormstrike Missiles are AP -2 not 3 so cheeky 5 woulda saved, still a kill on that pred as it had 3 left but just clarifying šŸ˜€ Thanks for the Batrep!

  • Replikant Yensei

    1h11m – I almost died laughing, that was epic šŸ˜€
    Fun game, love the Custodes! šŸ™‚

  • John Barber

    You’d probably only use the fleshchange one when your sorc is down to one wound and you know he isn’t going to survive, so you swap for a full wound spawn model?

    Just a question; do 1k sons finally get access to Sorc… hellbrutes? Like BA Libby Dreads?