Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Nurgle Daemons vs Ordo Majoris 1850pts

The new Studio Nurgle Daemon army debuts of Freeview against Beard and his Ordo Majoris alliance! Will the Deathwatch and Grey Knights forces be able to end the tide of filth that Nurgle produces!?

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  • Muzzatroll

    Awesome job as ever guys. One thing though, at 1:09.00, in the combat between Grotti and the NDK, Grotti would of attacked at Initiative 1, because the NDK’s hammer is Concussive, and he lost a Wound to it in the previous round.

    • Yes very true! We’ll try and stay on top of this in the future 😀

      • Muzzatroll

        Though saying that, it may not have made a difference. Beard seems to be almost as perpetually unlucky with dice as me! XD

  • Sidney McGhee

    love the battle, Deathwatch are the current army I’m working on, glade to see them on the table.

    • Awesome! I’m definitely planning on having a full studio Deathwatch commissioned too I think ?

  • Greg Kaos

    Love Grotti ‘The Jovial Destroyer of Dreadknights’. I can only imagine wrecking DK after DK must make him feel like a kid in a candy store on his birthday.
    He’s officially drawn level with Apollo as my favourite named TTT character.

    • Grotti is just such a great little fella isn’t he?! What’s not to love!

      And Apollo… let us hope that Artemis can avenge his grieviously wounded brother and fallen mentor. ???

  • wiggins

    Do you guys have the lists that you used available anywhere, i was trying to recreate the grey knights and deathwatch lists but for some reason battlescribe has me severely over pointed by like 200 points bassed on what the beard said his list was.