Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Ravenwing vs Orks 1850pts

Iain from White Shark Gaming Studios revs into the Studio at the head of bis Waaaagh to take on the brand new Studio Ravenwing by Siege Studios!! Chef takes to the saddle of the 2nd Company and the banter gets real! We also talk about the latest in 8th Edition 40k.

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  • Val Heffelfinger

    So now that I’m a member of the site… if I heckle here do the insults go directly to Ben’s brain?

    • Yes. Yes they do! Hahahahaha!

    • The B-Bone

      See I wasn’t even in this game and I thought I should come check out the comments… This proves the point!

  • Val Heffelfinger

    To clarify: Chef’s Kermit the frog like enthusiasm is a cornerstone of the TT value proposition.

    • So much this. Hahaha!

    • Harry Wynn

      Agreed, Chef got so excited in the FAQ that he probably did talk over the other guys a bit much, but thats just his passion for the game. Hard to begrudge a guy, that. I’d say its a good thing.

  • Manacrazed

    Man, the Orks need a buff! I’ve played Space Marine… and all you fight is Orks (mostly) and they were tough.. strength 3 is a joke for Orks… they’re entire existence is just fighting and war, I say give them str 5 at least.

    The Ravenwing can go get lost in the warp haha I think they’d be a problem for the Ynnari! Tau must be their biggest and only high tier counter…

    As for Ian’s nickname ‘Dakka’

    • The Ravenwing can indeed go and get lost in the warp! Hahaha! Dakka is a very good fit actually…!

  • John Barber

    By Mork those Orks look fantastic (the Ravenwing do as well). Those warbikers and Deffkopta’s have the ‘Ere We Go special rule though so they may have possibly made those charges. I’m not sure if the Orks are as broken as this game seems though, those rules were the stuff of nightmares!

    I do think 8th will help alleviate these issues though. I do give massive props to those Ork players who have stuck it out all this time though; in my experience those players who have stuck with it are incredible generals because they know their armies inside out.

    EDIT: I can’t say the ending card was quite appropriate; the other side did get something fairly important!

    • Totally dude! People that stick with their armies through editions where they aren’t very good, are true BOSSES. Good point on the end card… It was only as a result of him being tabled 🙁

  • batthemadbat

    Very very nice, could watch these all day (although when you talked about the secret upcoming army I was hoping for genestealer cults)
    And on another note: I love the Chef-Rants, he has nothing to excuse for!

  • Harry Wynn

    Such a shame forgetting ‘ere we go on the Orks first turn, would have possibly made alot of those charges!

    Don’t handicap yourselves even more, Ork Generals, remember your special rules!

  • Ian Jones

    The chef rocks! His enthusiasm is infectious. Give him his own show – Thoughts from the Chef! Oh also, I want to see the Grotz army! 🙂

  • Ruben Knab

    chef should have a weekly banter hour on the channel, it’s great listening while you’re painting!

  • Ruben Knab

    Ian is a great addition to the team! He should be called Mad Dok something, or just THE Mad Dok. I imagine him sitting in his workshop all day inventing all kinds of crazy ramshackle stuff. Plus I’m sure if he delves into the D.R.A.G.O.N. dungeons a bit more he will beat this army for sure. Not getting a first turn charge, giving the first turn charge away in return and his nob getting into combat with only 1 wound left was devastating. And he should use TTT dice for filthy Lawrence luck 😉

  • DP

    “Do you know who Grotti is? I think they’d be friends…” No words…..just laughter….