Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Warriors 1850pts

Bone leads his vicious pack of wolves in a tournament practice game for the upcoming Prague Grand Tournament! But Warpsmith Beard brings every gun he owns to the battlefield in a bid to give the Bone a run for his money!

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  • Vooddoogunnz

    Brutal is an understatement! The wulfen thunderwolf combo is awesome and getting the extra move is Sooooo good. I use i similar list with two Units of thunderwolf and wolf guard with jump packs as a caddy for the rune priests to give a little more of a target priority headache for my opponent. I assume when not practising for a tournament the rune priest will be wierdstorm? If so give one of them the helm of durfast….. it takes brutal to a whole new level with the living storm!

    • The B-Bone

      Yeah mate thats the plan! I am looking forward to getting to use it, it looks immense!

  • Andy

    yeeeeah… This was painful to watch.

    • The B-Bone

      It certainly wasn’t a PG 13 film thats for sure…

  • Manacrazed

    B-bone fly girls through your dice in the air,
    Seize dat initiative like you just don’t care!

    Oh Beard I really liked your list and I was ecstatic that you had turn one then…

    The way I see it is you lads are practicing for Prague so why not show those who are newish to the game that want to get into the competitive scene what lists to see and what to expect! Also, full powered Ynnari vs full powered Redrum Wolves? Yes please, and if it is a ‘short explain the tactics get indeapth with your thought process and reasoning for your tactics.

    I’d be interested in something like that!

    • The B-Bone

      HAHAHA! I love this! We may well film it… I am just uncertain how entertaining it will be to watch haha

  • TimW

    Remember Wulfen base attacks are 3 and 4 for the Sergeant and with claws essentially Strength 6.

    • The B-Bone

      Thanks mate,I have just written a cheat sheet so I don’t forget!

  • Muzzatroll

    Oh Beard. You seemed to totally forget Veterans of the Long War. That Hatred can go a long way…

    Abd technically it wasn’t a flawless victory for the Wolves. The Iron Warriors scored First Blood when the Iron Priest on the Wolves left flank went down in turn 1… 🙂

    Great report as ever guys. Keep ’em coming and I promise I’ll be able to support via On Demand soon!

    • jamboxdotcom

      When Lawrence posts “Flawless Victory” in a summary, it just means it was a tabling (or an all-but-certain tabling and a concession).

      • Muzzatroll

        In the video, the Wolves were credited with First Blood in turn 2 when they took out a Sicaran.

        • jamboxdotcom

          Good point. I noticed that, too, but forgot about it later.

          • The B-Bone

            Yeah little bit of a mix up there, Bead definitely got first blood. However as Jambox said, we call it a flawless victory when the other player concedes or is tabled. Which unfortunately for Bead was this case this game…

          • Muzzatroll

            Ah, fair enough. But still, Beard forgot to (Darth Vader voice) ‘use his hatred’… 🙂

          • The B-Bone

            hahahaha! He did indeed!

  • Mike Jello-Sky

    awesome as ever!
    If you’re going to face off against the ynarri, what do you think of a couple of lone wolves? under 100pts and you can set them up with TH/SS or chain fist. Seriously cheap knock-out power. Or, is it worth dumping the wulfen into a flying shoebox to move them up the board faster?

    Can’t wait to see the next fight!

    Lawrence, get those GK ready!!! 🙂

    • The B-Bone

      I am thinking my next expansion will be to get some flying show boxes, would be a fun way to run them 🙂

      • Thane

        You should seriously consider putting Saint Celestine in your list, you will not regret having her around in your murder based SW list!

  • Ruben Knab

    Poor Beard, all those S10 attacks is no fun 🙁

  • Tom Danvers

    Scary Mark? I think Mark is a great name for a Chaos character. E.g. The names Mark. Mark of Nurgle.