Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Tau vs Militarum Tempestus 1850pts

The Pastry Chef whips up some new cheese from the Mont’Ka supplement with a Retaliation Cadre Formation, but will James’ Tempestus and Skyhammer combination be
the one, two punch that the Chef wasn’t expecting?!

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  • benni.ast

    Nice game. An advice for James. I recommend to put 5 extra Bolter Marines into the skyhammer devs so you can combat squad and benefit from the supressing fussilade rule. It would have also helped this game, when the assault squad made the disordered charge: no overwatch by the fire warriors. And due the Leave no survivors rule you can reroll your eviscerator ones^^)

    • Thanks! Yes, I agree completely. Having 10 man Devastator squads (that you can also combat squad if needed), is definitely the better way to run the Skyhammer 🙂

  • knotdragon

    First battle I’ve watched on the website and I loved it. Great entertaining game and really interesting lists.

    • Thanks so much for the support! Glad you’re enjoying the format 🙂

  • benni.ast

    Hey Lawrence, great game as always and pretty sweet cult army! On major rule question in this one was at 1:00:00 when you allocated wounds to marines in cc. The BRB says under Allocate Wounds & Remove Casulties: A Wound must be allocated to an enemy model in base contact with a model attacking at that initative step.

    So as I read it, you can allocate all wounds to any base contact model as it is all one unit, you don’t split up the wounds, it is just one pool, allowing “Super Tanks” like the captain in this batrep to just take it all. The most important phrase here is, that it says “at that initative step. So wounds are not allocated by a model on model base but rather from a general wound pool(see also the paragraph above: The Wound Pool in the BRB).

    I think you might have had previous editions on your mind, when you allocated the wounds in the batrep.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ah yes, that makes sense 🙂 I’ll triple check those wound allocation rules 🙂

  • benni.ast

    The glorious intervention at 1:09:00 wasn’t the best choice in my opion as the librarian would have wounded the smith on 3+ and the wounds in case of failing the konversion field save would have carried over and killed the robot much easier. And on top of it he couldn’t tank the S10 wounds on the captain.