Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Eldar 1850pts

The Ultramarines return to the studio with all the power a Gladius Strikeforce can muster! But will they be a match for the deadly Ulthain Ghosts?

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  • batthemadbat

    Nice game, fun to watch.
    I could copy much of my comment from the last scars vs. admech battlereport ;). I don’t think that Marine Grav-Weapons on a non-relentless Platform are a good Idea. With just a tiny bit of cheese you could give your captain a ctaphracti terminator armour an stick him with one of the dev units and nearly double their effectiveness (he gets relentless for the armour and will give it to the unit). Plus you get an invuln save in the unit for a bit of resilience. A bit cheeky but I wouldn’t be ashamed taking it against eldar 😉

    Dice would be cool but I personally would prefer them to be a bit smaller.

    • Hahaha, that relentless trick is cheeky! But yes, I agree with your sentiments like last time.

      Personally I love the Skyhammer for my devastators ?

      • batthemadbat

        I think a Skyhammer is the best place for Grav-Devs. I’m there with you 100%.
        After I finished my Gladius a month back I’m in the process of building one up myself and I’m so not looking forward to building an painting 5 additional Pods 😛

  • jamboxdotcom

    On the subject of wonky alliances, I am definitely opposed to them. I have no problem with alliances that make sense (i.e. the true Battle Brothers groupings: Eldar/Dark Eldar/Harlequins, Chaos Marines/Daemons, Armies of the Imperium) but the second you see people allying Eldar with Space Wolves or Tau, or Chaos with Necrons (not that anyone does that, for the very reason that it isn’t a cheesy overpowered combo), I tend to roll my eyes and change the channel. Unless you’re playing with a newbie who literally only has those models to use, people shouldn’t be running Allies of Convenience, as it typically destroys the narrative of the game, in addition to causing huge issues with balance. Again, just my two cents, but I definitely don’t want to watch (nor play) games of that type.

    • Thanks buddy! Yes completely agree with that sentiment and don’t intend to go down that path here… Incidentally, at the LVO I saw a Necron army with an allied Chaos CAD of 2 cultist units, a sorcerer and 3 Heldrakes ?????

      • jamboxdotcom

        That mental image just makes me so very sad. 🙁 But, it is a perfect example of WAAC mentality. I’m guessing the sorcerer was rolling on telepathy (prior to the FAQ ruling on psychic powers not being able to buff non-Battle Brothers allies)? Though obviously the cultists and the sorcerer were mostly just a tax for the sake of Hellchicken spam.

        • Yes that’s exactly what the Sorcerer was doing. Shocking behaviour!

  • Kevin Shindler

    Incredible game!!
    I thought it was impossible for the ultra marines to win this game after eldar turn 2, but what a comeback.
    I underestimated the force that was held back and came in in turn 2 ultra marines.

    I would be interested in purchasing those dies of yours.
    If you choose to sell them, would it be able to purchase them from Germany?

    • Thanks Kevin! Yes, reserving the Ultramarines was critical to ensure I got the alpha strike on those Xenos!

      The dice will be available worldwide, so no issue there, I’ll post a video about their release when they’re ready 🙂

      • Kevin Shindler


  • Philip Rivers

    Lawrence usually wins when his force has superior fire power in terms of numbers. His Nids have like 6 people that have 12ish shots, Dark Eldar has venoms with 10+ shots each, Ultramarines have Grav, 7 Lascannons, and a shit ton of Bolter fire. I’d bet the house on Lawrence if his force has more shoots than the opponent’s force regardless of the matchup.

  • tulio wolford

    the quote was from TROY, Awesome movie and awesome battle. Thanks SPYDER

  • Andrew Carter

    I think thats the second time the Chef has used the Ghosts and lost!

    I’m OK with allies when it comes to fluffy lists, running multiple types of Eldar together is perfectly fine and in most cases is not going to be as strong as Scatbike spam + Wraithknights but things like Riptide Wing with Eldar should just never be allowed.

    • It is the second time ?? Definitely agree on the allies… Most Battle Brother ones are fine.