Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: White Scars vs Grots 2000pts

Iain ‘Mad Dok’ Gonsales returns at the head of his Grot Warband to take on Chef and his Ashen Huntsmen! Will the Astartes be able to fight the critters off? Or will they be overwhelmed?!

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  • Muzzatroll

    Great stuff again guys! A couple of things.

    The Kan couldn’t use the quad gun as only non vehicle units can use them (but it was such an awesome shot so nevermind!).

    And the results screen at the end…
    Eldar are so good they can apparently claim Space Marine victories! ?

    • John Barber

      I know it’s really exciting seeing these battles, I know I think that way at least, but can you try really hard not to put spoilers to the fight in them?

      • Muzzatroll

        Oops. Sorry…

  • John Barber

    I think the closest model thing will go. I think they’ll do it just like AoS and allow the controlling player choose it. I hope it doesn’t though; it does actually mean you have to think about your placement etc, etc. I do think that the Chef does the closest model thing slightly wrong though. Of course, correct me if I’m wrong, but I am 99% sure that it’s actually the closest model unit to unit, not closest model unit to model, if that makes sense (i.e., if a unit has a plasma gun, then the casualty isn’t the closet model to the plasma gun, it’s the closet model to the plasma gun’s unit), and in that case where it’s equi-distant, then the model slain is the controlling players choice.

    What a fun report anyway, I have that Australian driven underdog thing with the Orks at the best of times, so with a Grot army it’s even more so! Whenever they’re in a game, I want them to win, even if the enemy is playing something I greatly enjoy as well; like Chaos Daemons or Blood Angels (more specifically; Flesh Tearers!)

  • Manacrazed

    2 bat reps in 2 days? Do I have errands to run? Yes? Better watch some batreps then 😛 Tight game, loved it! Super love who won though! Go Eldar! haha

  • Vooddoogunnz

    Another rest day Battle report……. your spoiling me this week! Who would have thought a grot army would be that cool!

  • Harry Wynn

    Love Iain’s Orks (and grots), hope he becomes a regular!

  • jamboxdotcom

    Eldar are so broken they even win the game when they aren’t playing.

  • Sam Runnacles

    Eldar craftworlds victory? Seems like sneaky pointy ear shenanigans again!

  • Ruben Knab

    The Grot army is just awesome! Love to see this one again!

  • Ruben Knab

    Eldar Craftworlds victory, hahahaha! Sneaky spider taking another victory for himself 😀