Warhammer 40,000 Battle Reports: Khorne Daemonkin vs Orks 1850pts

I command Lord Sa’Garoth and charge into the studio to debut the Khorne Daemonkin on Freeview! But will they be able to face an army which are as good in combat as they are? Or will Ghazghkull Thraka see off the blood hungry dogs of Khorne?!

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  • Adam McNeill

    Are bloodletters not strength 4? Wouldn’t you have killed 2 orks in the combat at 48:00? :p

    • Dennis Aaltink

      Agree, should’ve killed 2 Orcs round 1.

  • Philip Rivers

    The probability of rolling three of the same sides of three dice is like .004%. The probability of not only rerolling the exact same numbers after calling it is incredible insane. Lawrence shouldn’t be called the Spider; he should be called The Wizard.

  • Warhead Wargaming

    I know in a previous battle report you said where the terrain is from, I have been searching for great terrain for a while and can’t seem to find tactical terrain anywhere, do you have a link you could post?

  • Dennis Aaltink

    @26:10. Didn’t Lawrence forget to reroll due to twin-linked goodness?

  • jamboxdotcom

    Is there a special rule that makes that Kharybdis explode at s5? Most non-superheavy vehicles explode at s4. Or were you just thinking that the orks were t3?