Warhammer 40,000 Campaign Battle Report: The Gaius War Mission 4 – The Martyr

Artemis meets with the remnants of the 102nd Gaius Rangers in an attempt to detonate a Thermal Bomb deep within the city of Catania. Success in the mission would mean the destruction of a terrible weapon the Nefritai Dynasty deployed to take the city, but will the mission’s potential sacrifice be too costly?

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  • The B-Bone


  • batthemadbat

    very very nice!

  • Farallax

    Your finest work to date, awesome stuff! You’ve totally nailed this campaign!

  • Greg Kaos

    Awesome game and seriously nail biting.
    Just want to say that I love the spirit in which you and the others play the game. (Not just this particular match but all the others I’ve watched so far) Makes me want to actually start playing myself.

    • Thanks Greg! It’s really important to all of us that we have fun and that you guys enjoy watching the shows. It’s an amazing hobby and should be enjoyed by everyone involved ?

  • Lance Cullen

    I dont think ive ever been more saddened about a plastic figure dying in a board game :O

  • Andrew Carter

    That was brilliant, nail bitting stuff right to the end. I think you’ve nailed the art of the narative campaign on the first try, Lawrence.

    • Thanks mate, I gave it a good shot. The next will be even better 😉

  • M Jela

    Wow! I mean, just wow! This is so brilliant and awesome! Can’t wait to see the Grand Finale!

  • Stevan Latinovic

    In one of the videos you mention you have the campaign on the site for us to take a look at, where would I find it? Your production and videos are amazing I enjoy watching makes me want to pick up the hobby again

    • Thanks! Yes, all the rules and info are here on the site. Go to the homepage and scroll down. You will see a ‘Data Slates’ section. Those are all of the latest articles. You can also use the ‘view all’ button to see them all.

      For ease here is a direct link

  • Rhys Walker

    (Obviously) another great campaign video. I thought Castor would live when that sergeant held the line but alas it was not to be! I suggest a name for the sniper, Private Jackson. Go full Saving Private Ryan from his bell tower.

  • Manacrazed

    No! NOOOO! I have this image of Castor trying to drag the bomb to the Catan, he looks on to see his brothers fighting the wraiths an understanding between the two and the Sargent knows what he must do. Castor, dragging this bomb, necrons closing in on all sides, the obelisk readying to fire.

    Then a deathly click as the time on the bomb expires…

  • Andrew Collins

    this was such a great battle. had me really drawn in! cannot wait for the conclusion. was certainly worth the sub. thanks

  • Harry Wynn

    Absolutely tragic to see Castor fall! Has there ever been a more useful Chaplain? Mine always die without achieving anything.

    I know its narrative, and your choices aren’t necessarily ”the best” but I can’t help but think you should have given Artemis the Teeth Of Terra rather than an eviscerator, hitting last is such a boner-kill for a guy trying to forge a legend and not die all the time.

    Really enjoying this campaign though, its inspired me to join On Demand and attempt my own campaign with a few friends, thanks TT Team!

  • GemiNaga

    Chef’s “noooo” at 1:36:05 sounds like Luke in Empire hahah. Great battle report want more like with in 8th!

  • Lexandrus

    Just brilliant!!! That’s really a masterpiece of a battle report genre! Picture, music, narrative, characters and the whole story… damn, this is BIG! )) This is nearly a movie, actually! You got me here, I subscribe! Great job, guys! Thank you!

    • Just you wait for the next Narrative Campaign. Hopefully episode 1 will
      Drop next week 😃