Warhammer 40,000 *NEW CODEX* Battle Report: Chaos Daemons vs Deathwatch 2000pts

Grotty sings the praises of Games Workshop as we are blessed with a great gift a Chaos… the new copy of Codex Chaos Daemons! In this pre-release week battle report, Beard brings his all new Deathwatch to take on the mighty denizens of the warp as we highlight new stratagems and rules in this epic game!

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  • Franco Nova

    FIRST πŸ˜€ 3:32:00 HS!? I’m in for a Treat

    • Franco Nova

      OUTRAGEOUS, I’M TOO EARLY 360p ONLY! hahaha.,

      • Jeremy Mitchell Vrtis

        RE-fresh its up to 720 now.!! lets go mate.

  • Jeremy Mitchell Vrtis

    Im not far into the video but there seems to be this prevailing White Noise thats in the background. it also is kinda high pitch. Anyone else hearing this started at 3 min mark in vid and im up to the 7.

  • John Barber

    Omgomgomg Hype hype HYPE. Hmmm, my thoughts are that in regard to the Malefic Talons choice or that corruption sword; I’d still go talons. Even if it is D3 damage; it’s D3 damage. I think generally speaking +3 attacks that do Damage 2 each is much much better (although maybe it’ll balance out if say the sword or there was some nurgle way to increase AP value). I can’t think of anything much worse than smashing your big scary dude into something like Wraithguard or hell, Terminator’s, and then rolling 3 1’s… As an aside; I actually took Warp Bolters on my slaaneshi Daemon Princes, so the lack thereof of them actually makes me a little sad. However, it makes sense, since they no longer make a Daemon Prince model that has a bolter equipment.

    I love that Slaanesh gem (which is fitting because I’m such a Slaaneshi lover). I was wondering whether I could use that to make Roboute/Celeste not be able to resurrect themselves, but I guess that solved that question lol. Still, being able to drop him/her would be welcome, especially if combined with say; Be’lakor (is he in this book?)

    Also; you should always roll for morale for your daemons if they have icons, even in a situation where they’ll always pass. You could roll that 1 and bring them back.

  • Sean Mayson

    So if Bone plays Beard and they only put longstrike and a heavy thunderhammer marine on the table, which one dies first before doing anything?

    • The B-Bone

      Longstrike. Every damn time.

      • Archmike

        The Heavy Thunderhammer swings and misses but Longstrike explodes anyway taking the marine with him.

  • Sean Mayson

    Nice to see the significant class upgrade from the apple watch Beard. Watch game improving

  • Andreas Rehn

    What a Watchmaster! Went toe to toe with a Great Unclean, one and stared it down a couple of turns, saving his comrades and then, he faced a Demon Prince and walked away from that one as well. What a boss, loved it ^_^

    As the lists were shown I thought it was gonna be a slaughter where the demons would just roll all over the marines so I’m very happy it wasn’t over by turn 2 πŸ˜›

    Congratulations to Mr Beard for claiming victory o/

  • Darren McKernan

    It may just be me but I have a feeling Plague Bearers are going to start being spammed. You can spam them in numbers, which makes them harder to hit, buff their speed, invuln, reroll wounds, buff strength, and potentially gain units in moral (a small chance), and have a %33 chance to ignore any wounds (including mortal wounds which is mental). Deepstriking them anywhere is a huge plus as you can put pressure from multiple sides and split firepower. The +1 to hit can cripple shooting armies like the guard. It took all of Beards units shooting at them to start whittling them down, they still made it into combat against high auto hit units, and moral backfired at one point and made them stronger, and that was mostly against one unit. There were still another 2 to contend with. Dropping the Khorn detachment and fielding more plague bearers could have been almost unstoppable in this match. I am not familiar with all the armies though so if someone can see a counter to the Plague Bearer spam please let me know.

    • GemiNaga

      From a fluff perspective I don’t understand the logic behind having more numbers making them harder to hit? Why?! Surely if there’s a mass moving towards you, you could just blindly fire into them and you have a higher chance of hitting something than if 5 guys were coming at you. I think something like a +1 to save roll or even +1 to move or charge range with 20+ models would make more sense if they want to give a bonus for fielding large numbers.

      • M Jela

        I believe the fluff explanation is that a large blob attract a lot of flies, which hides them from sight.

        • Darren McKernan

          I get it fluff wise actually. The cloud would break up an outline and work like how modern camo is designed to. However, I feel like the rule is incredibly unbalanced with everything else you can stack on them. I feel it being effective if shooting units are more than 12 inches away is fair, but under 12 inches and close combat should not be effected. Make it so that they have a bonus when advancing into melee range and if you measure right would cover your charge. Any closer though should not really buff them, which makes it fair gameplay wise and fluff wise.

  • Symon Greenwood

    In my minds eye that fight between the Watch master and Great unclean played out like a movie fight, Epic.

    Great work as ever guys πŸ™‚

  • Ed

    New battle rep and a bacon butty. Perfect start to the weekend.
    Cheers chaps!

  • Mike Rainbow

    God you guys are quick of the mark with this stuff! I received an email about pre ordering the Codex from gamesworkshop, got home and you guys had a battle report! Big thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  • David

    My girlfriend;

    “Why is Lawrence called the Spider? He doesn’t look like a spider”

    Terrific game guys!

  • Karl De Paor

    Quick question in regards to rerolling wounds with modifiers. If my weapon says reroll failed wounds and that happens before mods does that mean you have to reroll the misses that would become hits after mods? So like when Lawrence repelled to wound for his plague bearers he only rerolled the 1’s but should he have rerolled the 2’s as well?

    • alx51

      If you naturally hit on 3+, you roll the dices, reroll the 1 and 2’s, and AFTER you apply the modifiers and see what really hit. So if you have a thunder hammer, only the 4 5 and 6 will hit, you never could have rerolled the 3.

      • Karl De Paor

        Ya it was to wound I was talking about. I assume that it works the same as to hit so if you have a +1 to wound and you normally wound on 3’s you would have to reroll the 1’s and 2’s even though the 2’s would be wounds after mods

        • alx51

          Note that most rules about rerolling (to hit / to wound / charge rolls etc) state that you “CAN” reroll fails…

          Nothing forces you to reroll a fail roll that will become a hit after modifiers πŸ˜‰

          • Karl De Paor

            That’s the key bit f wording I was missing πŸ‘

  • Martin Buch

    Just a note: The big hammer causes D6 wounds in terms of doing the DR save πŸ˜‰
    Otherwise a great batrep guys!! I believe that we will see tons of plaugebearers in the near future meta-wise.
    EDIT: You caught it immediately after, no worries !

  • John Glass

    Great report as ever gents, really enjoyed it. Watch Master v GUO, what an epic stand-off.

    Not sure I’d put anything on a Demon Prince other than two sets of Malefic Talons: weight on numbers all the way…

    I play Death Guard, and like them, this report shows the reliance on good buffing units/characters: suspect we’ll see Demon lists with multiple Heralds appearing. The only thing putting me off doing a Demon army is the thought of painting up 90+ Plaguebearers. Will, of course, pick up the codex and see what else Papa Nurgle can offer his ardent followers.

    • M Jela

      S9 Ap-3 D3 rerolling wounds is statistically much better against tough stuff even with fewer attacks, and that’s the primary target for the Prince. So, since Nurgle artifacts aren’t that great, it’s totally worth it.

      • John Glass

        At the moment, 2 Helbrutes do most of my heavy lifting: I leave the 2 Demon Princes and their 2 Bloat Drone nannies to attack the rank and file. I always give him the Suppurating Plate: works well when he does get into combat.

        That’s the beauty of this game: so many different builds and that’s what keeps it fresh for me.

  • Tom Batsford
  • alx51

    Very nice game, after having seen the armies presentation I felt like it will be a no brainer, quick victory for the daemons. After turn one I almost skipped to the end because I didn’t see how Mr Beard could win… And I’m so glad I didn’t and watched the entire video !!!

  • Skylar Petitt

    Great game! Really fun to watch this one! Both armies look really great!

    Beard, well played all around – good target selection, objective prioritizing, and use of the flyers!
    Spider, don’t forget to consolidate immediately after a unit swings! You could have shut down a significant amount of shooting in the last couple turns by consolidating into frag cannon marines!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thomas Whybrow

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks for the upload and the preview guys. I’m not the best player in the world but am I right in saying you could deep strike skarbrand in and give him a 4++ and then 3d6 charge?

    • Dimitri Tkatchenko

      No 3d6 is for a unit with an icon that can be turned into a banner for 1cp that allows 3d6 charge once per game.

  • Dimitri Tkatchenko

    Really loved it. Nice seeing spider back and killing. 1 thing I noticed but not 100% as I don’t have daemons codex yet. I believe the -1 to hit on plague bearers works differently now. I think it says that if at the start of the phase you have 20 or more you have -1 to hit. So in first death watch shooting he would have -1 even if you drop below 20 in that phase.

  • GemiNaga

    Around 2:20 you guys are debating the clockmaster charging the plaguebearers, but you say this wouldn’t be possible as he can’t stay more than 1″ away from the great unclean one. A solution to this that I’ve seen people interpret the rules as is that you can declare a multicharge against both units, thereby allowing you to pass within 1″ of the great unclean one even if you end up further than 1″ when you finish your charge, next to the plaguebearers.

    • Nightman

      Good call, that should be legal.

      • Lord Fangio

        I’m pretty certain that is legal. The Great Unclean one would be able to pile in, I’m pretty certain, though. Making a lot of enemies. That said he would done a Heroic Intervention anyway.

  • M Jela

    Says he wants to show variety
    Brings 90 Plaguebearers

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well I was limited by what I owned.

      • M Jela

        It’s cool man)

  • Nicky Johnson

    Does the watchmaster have a name? Because if not i think he needs one after that amazing and valiant display!!!

  • M Jela

    The game was super cinematic and the armies looked awesome, Deathwatch standing out quite well even against such a beautiful(in it’s own way) daemonic horde.Even though I’d prefer more of a multigod army, I fell Nurgle-Khorne army lokks quite well together. Maybe add some ‘Letters instead of Plaguebearers and a ‘Crusher squad for deepstriking and charging 3D6 would make it more interesting. And Nurglings, everyone loves these little critters)

  • ekampp

    Just me, or does the imperial Aquila on the tips of the black-star wings look like little smileys πŸ™‚

  • Dimitri Tkatchenko

    Could you have consolidated after killing a unit even though you were still in combat with intervening model?

  • Aaron Wilson

    Would just like to make a huge thank you to @tabletoptactics:disqus (Lawrence and Beard for this Batrep, appreciate some decisions were made because they looked cool rather then 100% right and that made the game feel really fun. This is one of my favourite bat reps yet and what an amazing one it was until the bitter end!

    Just a question Spider, on turn 3 I think it was rather then considilating each unit you pick with it to fight (as I understand each time you pick a unit to fight it goes for its 4 steps (Pile in, Attack, Resolve, Consiladate) you did all at the end of the turn. As stated above I thought it was done each time a unit is selected, have I been playing this wrong?

    Thanks again for the awesome game chaps, one of the highest quality ones yet.

  • Artyom Trityak

    Wow, that was unexpected. Battle report is amazing, the only cons i can find – everyone nowdays filming battle reports with Nurgle daemons – it would be very interesting to see Tzeench, Khorne, Slaanesh. But great job!

  • Grendle

    Thanks for the preview Gents!! Fun to watch! Question: Isn’t consolidation done at the end of each individual units activation during the assault phase and not all together at the end of the assault phase? Just to clarify for my future games.

    • DMvdH

      yeah only found out about this yesterday, been playing the game wrong for a couple of months, haha!

  • Chris Hughes

    Wow! Another nailbiter at the end, that overwatch is something else! Well played Beard, was good to see the Deathwatch pick up the win, definitely some of the coolest space marines even if not the strongest army at the moment! Have to say the Corvus is probably the best looking flier as well (not the biggest fan of the flying sandwich boxes other chapters have!!!).

  • Israx’Shall

    Really surprising report! When I saw the lists I thought it would be a piece of (rotten) cake for the daemons, but Mr Beard somehow managed to get the victory from Lawrence grasp thanks to some good overwatch and fire allocation! Great stuff. Would love to see the daemons force exanded with some Slaanesh and Tzeentch, my favourite Chaos gods.

    As a piece of advice, I would consider adding the veteran with jump pack at least to those deatwatch units with two Frag Cannons against melee armies. Greatly increases their fire rate being able to fall back and shoot… and then overwatch of course!

  • ROMKnight

    Any chance we’ll see the hammers of titan fight some demons? I haven’t seen them since the beginning of 8th :{

    • Stig (alpha1603)

      We do actually have a game with them coming up quite soon actually! But against a rather different foe…

      • ROMKnight

        It’s just discouraging to see 7 blood angels games and no grey knights… Then when their arch enemy shows up, it gets pitched to a branch of the Inquisition meant for xenos… I feel like you guys have gotten away from the narrative in the weekly battle reports and are more focused on the”game” and not the story. It’s good to hear they’ll be back on the channel though, looking forward to it.

        • Stig

          I’m sorry to hear you feel that way but thank you for sharing! I know I can speak for all of us when I say that the story or narrative comes first with us (just take a look at how we do narrative campaigns!) but clearly that hasn’t come through as we would like for you in recent shows. This is why your feedback is always so helpful as we keep trying to push and improve our content, especially for you On Demand bosses!

          • ROMKnight

            I feel like I was overly harsh, you guys are still by far the best channel doing what you do! I liked the battle report, just miss the hammers of titan haha. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  • Archmike

    Could you do a vid about the slaanesh stuff? Always been my fave god, bit weird as I’ve been an eldar player for 22 years…πŸ€”
    Added bonus that they can be used in both systems ^_^

  • Cameron Bowler

    JOE !! What the heck do you feed that WatchMaster ?! He stood tall against two of the nastiest daemons around. Well played game guys, that didn’t turn out how i expected at all. Great watch as always

  • Joshua Galvez

    Wonderful battle. Good job, Beard!
    Commiserations Spider, you’ll get ’em next time.

  • Tony Molinari

    Pls give us a backstory and name for the watchmaster. That guy fights like a primarch! Super fun batrep as always guys. Cheers!

    PS If you’re taking suggestions I vote for Rhaegar πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Magiceffect

    Hey guys Fantastic game showing off the nurgle goodness!

    I know this was probably a friendly game showing off the power of nurgle, but Lawrence had no shooting. You could have hovered the blackstars behind your squads, shooting with no negative because you aren’t moving and when the daemons got too close, deploy into the blackstars and fly to another corner / objective. Then the following turn let them out again in a different corner, and lawerence would have to chase you around the whole time.

  • Nikhil Kurien

    Slight lore correction here Lawrence, the Death Watch don’t use the ‘Black Ships’. The ‘Black Ships’ are in service of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica who come to whisk psykers away from planets.

  • Martin Owen Jones


  • Alex Andersson

    Lovely batrep guys, thoroughly enjoyed it as always πŸ™‚ Keep up the boss work!

    Also, great to see some (more) facelifts on the terrain, matching the gorgeous armies you guys got rolling πŸ™‚

  • Eddie

    What were the beta rules you were testing? Smite charge increases by 1 each time its used per turn?

  • Aaron Paulding

    Great game, if I were to start an Imperium army I have been leaning towards Deathwatch but I might wait till they get a codex. This game definitely helped my liking of them though πŸ™‚

    Just a question, when the Watchmaster charged the GUO because he couldn’t fit through the gap, could he have declared a charge against both? Because, to charge the GUO, he needs to get within 1″, meaning he can move around him within that 1″ bubble to also get to the Plaguebearers, right? Or at least pile in to them? Or is it because there isn’t a space he could move that he can;t declare them as a target? Just wondering as I’ve played against some Slaanesh armies and these rules are important to have sorted out

  • Replikant Yensei

    Great batrep!

    That’s a wonderful Nurgle list – Laurence you’re a sick, sick man! πŸ˜€
    Beard, your Watchmaster is a boss and I really like the Deathwatch mixed unit shenanigans – very kinky. I’d love to see them go up against some Xenos πŸ™‚

  • Nick Lucas

    Well… this game did not turn out as expected, awesome game! If the Spider was not there Beard would have missed many important rules. So I am glad Lawrence was around to help out, it is amazing how your mind can think of your rules, the game rules, filming, narrating, AND Beards rules all at once. Color me impressed.

  • Chris Garth

    There’s a point in the game where Spider had a Heroic Intervention and he said that Beard couldn’t target his character. We were discussing this over a game a month ago…where does it say that in the rules? Honest question.

    • Hi mate,it’s under the fight phase section where it stat s that you may attack who you charged as I recall. Not next or the rules to give the exact reference now… common enough tactics though, it’s been used against me several times in tournaments, so would be very funny if we’ve all been playing it wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  • Grey Buckleton

    That was epic! It took till the end of turn 3 for me to stop thinking the Deathwatch were utterly doomed. Nice to see the elite army finally pull in a win!

  • Kassket

    Just a note on the Plague bearers cloud of flies rule, it’s worded that if the unit has more than 20 models at the start of the phase, all attacks against them suffer the -1 to hit. This indicates that even if they drop below 20 in that phase they still keep the negative until the next phase. I’ve noticed in two bat reps you guys are changing the negative as soon as the model count drops below 20. Thought I would mention this, as before it was with the index list, and I thought maybe they updated the rule in a faq, but with the codex in hand it reads the same.

  • T.J. Collier (OKnights112)

    Man that was an amazing game, Good job Joe on making Lawrence charge you so he could eat that overwatch. I am not sure how I would deal with that Daemon army. I can’t wait to see a full Nurgle list.