Warhammer 40,000 *NEW CODEXES* Battle Report: Deathguard vs Adeptus Mechanicus 2000pts

Games Workshop have bossed it again and given us early access to the Deathguard and Adeptus Mechanicus Codexes. Herein Bone and I do a brief review of both books before throwing it all down on the battlefield!

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  • Vooddoogunnz

    Just getting in from a half night shift and you are forcing me to stay up (at least to watch the lists) and i only have one thing to say MORTARION!!!

  • Manacrazed

    Man what an Outstanding game! Really great stuff, Truly Astounding. Really couldn’t believe that knight I thought he was done then Old man heals him! Nether the less he went down!

    Hope you guys see what I’ve done here 😛

  • Tom Higginbottom


  • James Clark

    Coffee (check)
    Biscuits (check)
    House work done (check)
    Kids at school (check)
    Am I sitting comfortably? (Check)
    Then lets do this 🙂

  • John Barber

    I completely agree with you Lawrence about the Daemon Prince wing issue (incidentally, you look more tanned after your holiday, or maybe I’m just seeing things!). I think it’s a misprint when it comes to the points area. Of the top of my head; the Daemon Prince base costs are exactly the same between Codex: Heretic Astartes and Codex: Death Guard otherwise.

    Moreover; I actually hope that it’s a sign that the Daemon Prince’s in general will get their Marks properly again too for the CSM variants. So Khorne Daemon Princes will get Unstoppable Ferocity, or Slaanesh’s Quicksilver Swiftness. Mainly because atm it’s a bit like Daemon Princes are Daemons of that God except for when they’re not.

  • DiesIrae

    The fluff section for Daemon Princes explicitly mentions that some can fly. It actually even offers more options than just wings, saying “Some Daemon Princes can even fly, enormous insect wings or spiralling vortices of noxious fumes carrying them across the battlefield.”

  • Andreas Rehn

    That was a really super exciting game! Really unlucky charge rolls though, which, in a way, was probably good cause otherwise it wouldn’t have been as exciting I bet 😛

  • Christopher Meyers

    Loved the show – only one comment… MORTARION!!!!

  • Gustav Fernandez

    Awesome game, clocking over 2 hours I didn’t lose interest for a minute. 2 great codexes, but I’m thinking with Morty in the list the Robby gang may be fighting an uphill battle.

  • Martin Przybylek


  • Franco Vilanova

    At minute 2:00:00 there’s a lot of stuff Bone could do with maneuvering. When he charges with the Knight, he gets a 10 inch charge, more tan enough to wrap around the Blightbringer and actualy hold the objective worth 4 points. Then the robot should have consolidated 3 inches towards the Plasmarines to forbid their shooting either at the end of the previous round, so Cawl could get an easy charge towards the Brute, or at the end when it destroyed the brute. I know you move some stuff around out of camera, but I’ve seen this a few times now in here, that some of you don’t actualy use the 3 inch pile in , just my thought tho! Amazing game, and models

  • Benjamin Koller

    What a great game, it was so epic!!!