Warhammer 40k 8th Ed Battle Report: Adepta Sororitas vs Adeptus Astartes 2000pts

The Beard returns at the head of a Sororitas Warhost, featuring none other then Celestine herself! Meeting them on the magma filled battlefield, the Kharn led forces of the Chef clash hard in this epic battle report!

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  • James Daniel Wilcox

    Ohhhhh sheeeet! Grabs popcorn! Go lady Beard GO!

  • Andy

    wouldnt the sisters that disembark be subject to the explosion aswell? Seeing as they “immediately disembark”. Not sure about the sequencing there..
    Grotty looks lonley without his enormous friend

    • Muzzatroll

      They wouldn’t be affected by the explosion as the explodes role is made before any models disembark.

      It would be a bit harsh to have a unit bashed twice by their own exploding transport!

      • Anders TM

        Im not sure you do though, as it says you roll for the explodes result before you remove the model from the battlefield. The emergency disembark happens immediately and you need the vehicle on the board to see how far away you’re placing your models. (sitting in an exploding vehicle should be harsh) 😛

        • Muzzatroll

          In the Explodes special rule it says you roll a D6 before you remove the model and BEFORE any models disembark.

          So it goes:

          Vehicle loses its last Wound.

          Roll for explosion.

          If a 6 is rolled, resolve explosion damage.

          Roll for passengers survival.

          Disembark surviving passengers.

          Remove transport vehicle.

  • jamboxdotcom

    Good lord, what a game! I haven’t seen an 8th edition batrep yet that is boring. No more “tune out after turn two” batreps, which, I’m sad to say, a lot of yours had become late in 7th edition (despite your excellent attempts at providing balanced games). I just can’t get over how good the balance is, right now. Also very nice to see Beard finally able to roll numbers other than 1s!

  • Oliver Banks

    Awesome game guys! Also there’s a typo in one of the title cards. It says ADEPUS ASTARTES TURN 1 etc…

  • John Barber

    I think Grav has been shifted to low and mid strength sort of monsters and vehicles and against the tougher infantry types, while lascannons have a role against the larger variants. Having said that though; Bolters have been given a sizeable buff too, wounding the bigger targets on 5’s rather than 6’s up to monsters being T8 (which aren’t that many off the top of my head). There’s still a place for them given that you can spam Grav still to a degree that you can’t compared to krak missiles or Lascannons and grav still has a role due to D3 damage against it’s dedicated types; which still makes it useful for punching Terminator’s, Wraithguard (and even Space Marine’s, especially Primaris) off their feet.

    Great game as always though, I think the Knight did quite well actually. Yeah it sucked when he lost so many wounds; but to be fair it was against 4 lascannons hammering the crap out of him and poor Beard just couldn’t save.

  • Paul James

    One interesting thing with the contact lost mission is it states you draw cards for each objective controlled on subsequent turns up to 6 so you would get new cards on yours and your opponents turns if you hold an objective (The other missions state at the state of players turns instead) . Just something to note for next time 🙂 great report as always guys, that comeback from the chef!! 😮 keep up the great work y

  • Andrew Carter

    What a turn around, very surprising game. I can see Grav Cannons due to rate of fire still being good but we didn’t get to see them this game as they all died turn 1.

  • Robbie Willems

    Awesome batrep. Please note that you have to disembark before deploying your models. You cannot stand in the footprint of the destroyed vehicle. This also means that if you completely surround a vehicle in close combat and destory it the units inside are unable to disembark and therefore are destoryed.

  • Robbie Willems

    What a game. This is probably the best 8th battle report I’ve seen up till now. Awesome game, guys!

  • Michael O’Holloran

    Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing ….

  • Great game!

  • Sam Runnacles

    Good to see grotti hiding on the top of the tall terrain piece at 1 min 17. Make sure he gets home for his dinner! ???

  • DMvdH

    Beste report to date in my opinion!