Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Necrons 2000pts

Rob joins the team and explodes into the studio with his Blood Angels here on Freeview! But Bone takes command of the ancient Nefritai Dynasty to meet this new adversary head on!

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  • jamboxdotcom

    Hell of a game!

  • Robbie Willems

    I see Bone infiltrated some T’au. Necrons in Ghostkeels at 24:37 😛

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    Particle whiff in the 1st turn.

    • Manacrazed

      haha I said that as well when it happened!

      • DMvdH

        I only got this joke the fourth time I read it, haha.

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    How did the immortals deploy after the scythes had moved?

    • Mølholm

      Yea I wondered this as well. Night scythe disembarkment works just like any other transport.

    • Martin Przybylek

      I opened up the index to double check if Immortals can “deepstrike” themselves – but no, this one does not seem valid.
      Looked faaar too good 😀

    • The B-Bone

      I was cheating by the looks of it haha! I have done that a couple of times but some one has caught me doing it so we have never filmed it.I think the guys might be have been out of the room when I did my movement phase… So no one was like “BBone! Stop that! Thats a 7th ed move!” My bad…

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    Also you were adding 3 per Tesla 6 when it’s each hit becomes 3.

  • John Barber

    Bone, I think you cheated yourself out of your Heroic Intervention rules in Rob’s turn 1 when that Death Company charged your Deathmarks. By the looks of the camera at least it looks like your Cryptek and overlord could both pile in the 3″ to attack the Death Company. Unless of course you knew that and decided not too anyway 🙂

    • Adam Richard Corrigan

      I thought too, but thought they wanted to shoot first by withdrawing the deathmarks.

    • The B-Bone

      Yes I watched the back on camera and it does look like the Overlord could have as well. But it was only the Cryptek in 3″ so I thought it was not worth it.

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    Wouldn’t the Overlord get his Invul before putting the wounds on the Lychguard as at that point he hasn’t actually lost a wound. That could have saved a few Lychguard.

    • Donald Sherwood

      I am pretty sure that they are supposed to roll for damage results as well. There was one instance where Bone put a D3 damage powerfist wound on to a Lychguard for only 1 mortal wound. I believe the correct order of things would be (as I read the rules anyway) that you take the available saves from the target, roll damage (if variable), then decided whether you want to roll to pass off each damage the Lychguard. The only time a model loses a wound is after the damage of a “wound” has been determined.

      • Donald Sherwood

        Welp, you guys caught it. Should watch all the way through before commenting!

    • The B-Bone

      Yes we caught this later! But you are right!

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        Takes a While to get your head round the system, even though it is simple. This edition has tempted me to get my Necrons back on to the battlefield, especially my Gauss Pylon, it’s a beast. Do you think the Lychguard are good enough in combat? I feel like they will under perform against other combat specialists.

        • The B-Bone

          I think think they are pretty solid. I would look at Warscyths maybe? But you are right. There are certain units they won’t do so well against. Wulfen for example… But no one does well against them haha! I would love to see a Gauss Pylon in action 🙂

          • Modulus42B

            Know what does well against Wolfen? Exterminatus. Damn things are the bane of my life. And Thunderwolves. And Murderfang. And Bjorn the…

  • Muzzatroll

    Stormraven has 2 Stormstrike Launchers fellas! But otherwise, awesome stuff! 🙂

  • John Barber

    Phwoar. What a game!

    • The B-Bone

      Hahaha! I hope it sticks! But I am a bad man…

  • Adam Richard Corrigan


  • Manacrazed

    Guys! Amazing stuff! That banter, omg the banter! I actually think “Sanga” is going to stick!

  • Martin Jones

    gauss is pronounced to rhyme with house


    needs to be sanger!!!!!

  • Arkhonist

    Why do I feel like you rarely pile in and never consolidate? Isn’t the fight phase: Choose unit, pile in, fight, consolidate, repeat?

  • SkinJob1062

    Quick question while watching the battle report I noticed starting with the Blood Angels attack in battleround three you were saying going on initiative that the Blood Angels were to go first on battles of models already engaged, initiative doesn’t exist in eight edition so how could the Blood Angels go first in the assault phase of on going battles?

    Other than that I have enjoyed all of your battle reports, I really liked how you corrected a rule interpretation even though it resulted in the Necron Overlord’s demise, keep up the good work and tell Bone as a fellow Necron player I feel his pain…

    The highlight of the battle report for me was when Bone “portal of exiled” the squad attacking the Monolith.

  • Modulus42B

    Really good game guys, nice to see the ‘crons doing well. Other people have picked up the turn 1 night scythe faux pas so I’ll not dwell on that *cheat!*. I think it is worth highlighting the invasion beams / eternity gate rules though. Now that units aren’t deployed “in” the transport but on the tomb world, you have a lot more turn 2 flexibility if you’ve got your monolith and 2 night scythes a long way down field – anything can pop out of anywhere. On that basis alone I’d say that night scythes are worth their place in the army for the uncertainty factor for your opponent.

  • markflay

    Great game; love the channel and the banter. Couple of questions; was there any particular reason the ghost ark didn’t leave combat with the dreadnought and shoot it? It has the fly keyword so not sure if I’m missing something? 2nd more general one; no destroyers in any of the Necron lists? They’re different than in 7th but still useful and fast; tough enough to survive casual assault and with the fly keyword they can step out and blast anyone who has managed to catch them.

  • Nicholascarreau

    there have been a number of boo boos repeated from time to time. close combat seems to be the worst offender :p If someone is not engaged, they cannot pile in, thus, the three space marines that piled in, and later cyrus, that were not within an inch of the enemy, were out of “engagement” and could not have piled in. It is also worth remembering that with reanimation protocols, you cannot set up within an inch of the enemy, which makes reanimation protocols extremely tricky in close combat!