Warhammer 40k No Retreat 4 Battle Report: *NEW* Iron Warriors vs Astra Militarum 1750pts

Warp smith Beard crashes into the Studio hot on the heels of the new Traitor Legions Codex! With his new legion prepared he plays his first No Retreat 4 Tournament practice game against the Colonel and his Astra Militarum and allied Execution Force.

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  • Richard Nelson

    Awesome report guys, I think Obliterators are slow and purposeful though so shouldn’t have used the wall of death against the Callidus?

  • Philip Rivers

    Beard could’ve won this turn 4 if he didn’t sacrifice his Knight. The Colonel had nothing to deal with it; the knight should’ve just stayed back and took out an entire unit/vehicle each turn.

    • Yes very true. We spoke about this after the game and told him exactly that ??

  • Rhys Walker

    great battle report, those obliterators are awesome. assassins are not really pulling their weight at the moment, maybe the colonel should add more guardsmen to throw at the problem instead?

    • TheColoneltt

      Yer this was not the strongest list ever. But have wanted to use all the assassins from when they came out. I would have taken an Emperors fist formation instead giving me long range anti tank.

      • Rhys Walker

        they’re really cool models its just a shame that the cullexus is so superior to the rest (in my opinion) but yeah I’m really liking the guard at the moment. Although I’m a more classic guard general and would throw large numbers of men into the meat grinder!

  • DMvdH

    Hands down the best game in a while! Love all your stuff but this was nail biting! Been checking out the YouTube comments as well, there were a lot of rules mistakes unfortunately, but screw it, was awesome! Was amazed at how well the eversor did actually, I always rated him low but he seems like a beast! Probably better to take some vendettas instead of the vindicare and calidus thoug 😀

    • TheColoneltt

      Yer really like the Eversor is a beast having 8 attacks and a 3d6 charge. Same no AP2 weapon but can’t have it all

    • Thanks buddy! I agree, this game was a real nail biter!

  • Andrew Carter

    Nice close game.

    The only way to get a 2+ Seize is with a Harlequin warlord trait.