Dungeons & Dragons Cast of Players: The Chronicles of Valtor Chapter 1 – Unlikely Prisoners

Join us as we dive into the world of Valtor and kick off a brand new campaign of high fantasy and adventure using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game system.

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  • Bryan Pereira


  • Franco Vilanova

    Can I make a slight sugestion? Why don’t you guys sit so you can actually see each other in the eye? I’m guessing you have more than one camera, maybe you can Split screen? Critical Role like 😀 Just started the video so I don’t know how it will work out, but a sugestion!

    • We tried that mate! I actually found that in the space we’re in, it didn’t quite work… curious though, now that you’ve seen it all, what your final thoughts are?

      • Franco Vilanova

        I’m only 30 mins in! But there’s two things I can tell you so far: The dice Rolling will consume a lot of time if you do it one at the time, the camera, and the edition, are fantastic, but when you start Rolling battles (28 mins in, not sure if there will be one, and I’m guessing it will) I’m guessing you won’t have that Rolling? It will slow the game a lot. And the second thing I find a tad odd, is that you guys are narrating the expresion, and the general feeling of your characters, instead of roleplaying it! You lot are actors, so you’re not short of skills, dunno if it’s because it’s the first one filmed, but so far Sanga was the only one that actually shaked the table a Little bit hehe 😀 will keep watching and give you my final thoughts once I’m done tho, for sure, and of course, take ALL OF THESE as constructive critiscism because that’s what it is, I have chunks of admiration for each one of you, in your own way, 40k is no childs play, but roleplaying… ah my frineds, roleplaying is ART, and you guys are holding the brushes

        • Ahhh don’t you worry about the acting. We’re just warming up. Prepare to get your socks blown off in the later episodes. This is very much establishing characters for everyone in the group, which by definition requires us to describe the look and feel of our characters to each other. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s all good.

          The dice rolling is a curious one. I’d be keen to hear your feedback after watching a combat. I felt it went quite smoothly? I’ll wait and see what you thought 🙂

          • tulio wolford

            The dice rolling was fine, didn’t slow the game down at all. Don’t change a thing a Spider, if you remove that element I would be sorely disappointed. I really enjoyed it all, keep up the great work!

  • Dajanja

    This is sooo cool! Wargaming and Roleplaying being two of the three pillars of the Gaming Nerd I am not surprised you guys rock at that too. The setting, story-telling, characters are all high quality so far.
    Congrats to the Omnissiah (DM) in particular, I know how much work and time it takes to run an engaging campaign from scratch.

    • Thanks so much for the support! Yes, good idea on the character sheets and story… I think I will release them as Data Slate Articles here on the website, so you can download them and read them at your leisure 🙂

    • The Chef

      Awesome that you’re enjoying it 💪 Also don’t worry, lots of ideas floating about to get more immersion for you guys

  • Tony Molinari

    Sooo good. You guys really know how to tell a story! Way more cinematic then my normal d&d games. It seemed a bit akward that everyone had to stand and reach over to roll their dice though i have no idea what the solution for that is. I’ll definitely be tuning in for future episodes. Cheers!

    • Thanks Tony! Yes the dice part in the space we’re in is quite tricky… I’ll see if there if a more inventive way to do it in the future 🙂

    • The Chef

      Great to hear you enjoyed it 😃 And we’ve come to a solution for the dice, in effect from Episode 3 onwards.

      • Tony Molinari

        Dang you guys really respond to community feedback on the quick! Looking forward to seeing you drop the DM hammer on these guys in the near future >:)

  • Symon Greenwood

    Fantastic guys, As an avid D&D player and DM myself i always love to see other players and DM’s take on this great story telling system we have called D&D.

    Also i understand the time an effort it takes to plan a sessions, agree on schedules etc and on top of that all the editing and effort on your parts to provide this as content for us.

    Keep up the stellar work lads it is truly appreciated 🙂

    • Thanks for the amazing support! Glad you enjoyed it 😃

    • The Chef

      Glad you’re along for the ride, plenty of enjoyment to come 😁

  • Andrew Manuel

    Alright so apparently when me and the lads tried D&D years ago we did it completely wrong, that looked outrageously fun. The enthusiasm was straight up contagious. Also I’m of the other opinion to the other posters here, i love that people have to stand up to roll. It clearly identifies the player that is rolling and draws attention to their hand rather than have it be distracted by the other objects and people in the room. You also get some amazing physical re enactments of the action like Bone with his epic spinning fail on the kobold.

    Just an idea, no clue if it’s practical, a green screen behind the players with a generic setting overlay could be a nice touch to make the room seem grounded in the environment that chef is describing. So if you’re in the cave, you use a generic cave painting/photo overlay. If you are in a forest you could have some trees behind you guys.

    It might take away from chef’s awesome descriptions though and he’s killing it as a story teller. Could be a hit or a serious miss I think.

    • Thanks so much Andrew! Really pleased you got into the atmosphere and enjoyed it 😃 it’s a great idea around the green screen and definitely technically possible for me to achieve…

      We have an issue with space in this particular set up but this is something I will likely implement and try next year when we expand into a bigger space. Dice roll wise, what do you feel about us calling the rolls and still having the scroll title come up to show what was rolled?

      We’ll still stand for our descriptions and everything (that’s something that we’ve always done as a group, in fact this is very much still warming up, just wait until we REALLY get into it!). 😃

      • Andrew Manuel

        The scroll title was key and it helped a lot when it came to understanding what was going on. I’m a total D&D noob and didn’t understand that proficiency sometimes stacked with attributes so it was really helpful. It’s also nice to tie in the visual ‘theme’ of the pre-episode opening (the font, the colour scheme etc.) with the rest of the game.

        I don’t know if D&D gets more complicated than it is now but I’d be game for having new mechanics shown on there as they come up as well.

        • Ok awesome! I’ll keep that as a key feature and maybe add to it more 😃

    • The Chef

      Cheers man, glad you’re enjoying it, great idea with the screen, I’ll leave the technical jobs to the boss man 😜

  • Jamie Birse

    How long must I wait for the next episode?! The small interaction between Anrakai and Griffon before charging in was perfect!!

    • Not long at all! In fact I’m already editing episode 2. I’m currently planning on releasing an episode every 2 weeks, but if the Demand gets crazy, I’ll up it to weekly.

      Oh and that little interaction is just the beginning, this was just a warm up 😃

  • Sargos

    omg guys, it was a blast!!!
    i never played D&D with my friends. after watching you guys i just wanna do it myself!
    we want eps everyweek lawrence! 🙂

    • Boom! Glad you enjoyed it! I think at this rate, I might have to start releasing episodes every week 😱

    • The Chef

      I’m gonna be a busy bee with all this weekly demand 😂

  • Edd Scott

    Gents, that was amazing! As a newbie to the world of DnD and RPG I loved every second. I’ve been waiting for this ever since you first hinted at it, this was the reason I finally went on demand! Never regretted it for a second and now I have this to look forward to! Please don’t make us wait too long! You are all BOSSES!

    • Thanks so much Edd! Have no fear, Chapter 2 is already being edited 😃💪

    • The Chef

      LOTS on the way 😁

  • Harris Richards

    Awesome, the story telling is just spectacular! Cannot wait to see more of this!!! Your crew reminds me a bit of the cast of the 1990’s anime Berserk, with like Lawrence as Guts, Rob as Pippin, Joe as Griffith, and Ben as Judeau…..will we see Joe turn his back on you all?

    • Maaaaate!! I LOVE Berserk. And your description is actually eerily perfect… will we indeed see Joe turn his back on us all 😱😱😱

      • Harris Richards

        Hahaha epic foreshaddowing!!! Even your model/avatar looks like Black Swordsman Arc Guts, completely hyped for more of this…

        • Oh just you wait… I was actually pretty distracted for this and the second chapter with the technical running of the production, but after that, the character really starts coming out. 💪💪💪

          • Harris Richards

            Hahaha man it’s enough trouble to get 5 people to be in the same place at the same time so I can only imagine the time and effort that goes into something of this quality, but know it is greatly appreciated and I shall be following along very closely 🙂 Might have to invest in some of those yellow/orange dice as well they look amazing!

          • BOSS LEVEL 9000!

    • The Chef

      So much more to come. I have big plans for this motley crew 😈

  • Paul Ingledew

    Have to admit guys, that was amazing. Having never played D & D, (brief stint with Call of Cthulu when I was in high school) wasn’t sure what to expect (to be honest, knew it was going to be good, everything you guys put out is great). And I wasn’t disappointed, Really enjoyed it, only thing I didn’t like was it ended, and I have to wait until the next episode!
    I’ve even gone out and bought the D & D starter set to give it a go myself, that’s inspiration for you!
    Loved the tone, story telling and set up, though being that way inclined, any thoughts to mood lighting? You’ve got the candles going, get a little more atmosphere 😉
    Also, quick one, where did you get the great scenery from, especially the dungeon tiles?
    As always, amazing job, look forward to what comes next!!

    • Thanks mate! So glad you got into the atmosphere. The Dungeon terrain is from White Shark Gaming Studios (there is a link in the description above) 🙂

      As for atmosphere lighting, YES! That is something that I played around with… the problem was that the camera was having issues picking up our faces… replicating natural firelight on film is incredibly tricky (you have to use gels etc) and flickering light makes sensors on digital cameras go a little crazy! Still, I have one more thing I can try and if it works, I think it should look AWESOME! Fingers crossed 😃

      • Paul Ingledew

        Thanks, really appreciated, I’ll be visiting that site post haste!! Typical, something seemingly so simple, and I guess that’s why I don’t do any filming. Good luck with your idea, as I said, it would only add, like an extra couple of cherries on a cherry covered cake!! Brilliant work and still can’t believe how much I enjoyed episode one, certainly as a sole 40k player from rogue trader, getting into role-playing?? What next?? 😉

        • A pleasure mate! I’m always looking to improve production, so leave it with me and I won’t disappoint 😉

    • The Chef

      Glad we’ve inspired you mate, that’s high praise indeed 😊

      • Paul Ingledew

        Credit where credit is due, very inspiring, so much that I’ve now cudgeled my small group of gaming mates into a D & D adventure later in the year! Keep up the good woek

  • MathiasHantho

    Oh oh oh yes! D&D blast of for sure! I actually thought you were just joking when you said you were going to do a D&D campaign but here it is and I for one am stoked!
    So many good things to say, campaign setting seems amazing, double hats of to the chef and the characters are all bosses, looking forward to seeing them evolve.
    For a bit of feedback I will just join the choir of people finding it a bit awkward that you are sitting on a line and not opposite each other, as I think facing each other with the DM at the end of the table in a more classic RPG setup, will benefit the roleplaying and group dynamics, and I also think that it is unnecessary and a little time consuming showing every single dice roll. I for one trust that no one will be cheating with dice rolls except for maybe the DM from time to time as he should!
    I am sure that a lot of time and thought has gone into the production and setup, and it seems that space is also an issue but if you can experiment with it I really think you should.
    Also people mention green screen, atmospheric soundscapes and showing the character sheets which all sounds like very good ideas! I will suggest using props as well, mostly because I would absolutely love seeing Bone sporting a multitude of wigs throughout the campaign.
    But all in all just a lot of happy happy joy joy, power level 9000 for sure! Eagerly awaiting next episode…

    • Thanks so much! Really glad you like it and we have plenty more planned too.

      Your feedback is valuable, thank you. I experimented with a couple of different setups, but space is indeed the issue. Also lighting and shooting the different angles is also a massive issue, for example, if I were to shoot a tradition table set up, of two players either side facing each other and the DM at the head of the table, it would require 3 different cameras, and 3 different spot lights all crossing each other. Further to this, you would end up having a rather ‘ugly’ viewing experience of seeing the lights and camera over the shoulders of the players… which I guess would be a pretty dull eye sore when trying to immerse yourself in the word!

      It does work for a webcam style setup though, where people are effectively filming themselves… but at that point I’ve got 5 streams of footage to edit, not including battle grid footage 😱

      I’ll see if there is another solution I haven’t thought of yet. Green screen and various other atmospheric tools, (including natural/fire lighting) are all things that I am playing with too. So watch this space, I’m just warming up 😉

    • The Chef

      Glad you’re enjoying the show bud 😁 Plenty more awesome stuff on the way, and I’ve got big plans to give you guys a real insight into the setting

  • Jamie Swift Drake

    Great first episode; incredibly mysterious and intriguing (didn’t help that Beard forgot/refused to tell us his name haha). I was really caught up in it; I genuinely found myself shouting suggestions like “find out more about the creepy man with the duelling pistols!!!”

    Can’t wait for the next episode: you may have to step up to weekly releases haha.


    • Hahaha, glad you enjoyed it mate! It seems with the demand, we will have to start a weekly schedule 😱

      • Jamie Swift Drake

        Awesome new 🙂

        I’m super new to D&D: how far in advance does the progress of the narrative/events get “planned”?

        You say below “will we see Joe turn his back on us?!” – is it very reactive from episode to episode, or do you have some rough narrative arcs set up?

        • Well the beauty of D&D is that none of the players no what’s going to happen… the narrative arc is controlled by the DM, but of course players can choose to betray or make their own decisions depending on what happens in the campaign. So what you see with us, is real and raw! We’re just reacting to the world around us 😃

        • The Chef

          Yeah essentially I have a narrative I’m mind, and an overall goal for the story, what’s happened in the past, background events etc, sessions are generally only really possible to fully plan after each session, as you have to see how much the players ruin your plans 😂

          • Jamie Swift Drake

            Haha so the only thing we know that will happen for certain is that Joe will roll a bunch of ones……

            Massive kudos for the incredible world building you’ve clearly done – I’m really excited to see how the story unfolds 🙂 Also, I’m a big fan of the weekly/fortnightly release. Off the back of enjoying Episode 1 of Cast of Players so much, I went and found some other D&D videos; Critical Role is great (am sure TT/everyone knows them), but they’ve been releasing stuff for years so I just end up binge-watching (I know, I know: first-world problems).

            Stick to max one episode a week/fortnight (such a simple request…..haha) – it really builds the suspense. Looking forward to hearing more about that temple!

  • Blade Spirit

    ive watched it 3 times i demand more

  • Wilhelm Enberg

    Awsome just awsome, i would put on both sides on the gaming table dice throwing boxes, so that they who sit on the far sides dont have to lean over half table to throw dices, and not knocking over models and terrain 😊.

    • Good shout! We’ve actually decided to just roll and call the results with the title coming up on screen. This will happen from chapter 3 onwards 🙂

    • The Chef

      Changes coming for sure 💪

  • Arthur Gibbs

    Played D&D regularly since it was AD&D. Watching you guys takes me back to high school and college games; great job. It was fun to watch. Looking forward to future episodes.

    • Thanks mate! Yes same here, started with AD&D and never looked back 💪 Next episode drops here on the website next week!

  • Simon Stevens

    I really enjoyed that, great fun.
    On the point about crits – I totally get how a crit fail doesn’t make sense as a player ‘stabbing themselves in the neck’, but i still like to see them, because they can work with a bit of creativity: like a crit fail when fighting can be an overly hard swing that ends up with an axe embedded in the ground and difficult to get out, making the player easy to hit. But the player doesn’t have to feel shit about it with a ice description from the GM about the huge hero swing who doesn’t seem to know his own strength… Or in the case of the chains thing, it could be that he actually succeeded breaking the chains, but he pulled too hard, yanking them out, falling down and making a load of noise someone might overhear etc etc. Just a thought 🙂

    • The Chef

      For sure, and there’s definitely a way of describing certain things in a negative way that might be considered a “critical fail” but I’m not a big believer of punishing the players in combat for a poor die roll. Quick actions like climbing a rock face, maybe, and in social situations of course the beauty of RP means they can fumble themselves without even rolling the dice 😉

  • Matthew Mulherin

    That was really fun to watch and makes me want to start playing again. I can’t wait to see what hijinks you get up to in future episodes.

    • The Chef

      There will be many hijinks don’t you worry 😉 Definitely get back into it!

  • Sargos

    are we gonna get another chapter this week guys? :(, i wish we will, but if we dont i still love your work guys

    • The Chef

      Coming this week to On Demand! Thursday or Friday I believe is the aim

  • Dan Burrows

    This was so incredible, I absolutely love everything about it. This was my first experience with D&D, and you guys have got me hooked. I cannot wait for more, I wish I had discovered this game sooner but I am so glad that I get to watch you amazing humans (and non-humans) play it!

    • The Chef

      Never too late to get people involved in DnD bud 😊 Glad we’ve got you along for the ride 💪

  • Lockinvar

    Great video guys. I listened to it at work and it got me through the day.

    One question, whats with the headphones? Is it so you can hear yourselves on microphone?

    • The Chef

      Awesome to hear ☺ The earphones are so we can listen to music whilst we play, and it doesn’t interfere with audio whilst filming

  • Mark

    You are doing too good of a job on this stuff.
    You already got me back into 40k after almost 10 years and now you are getting me interested in d&d….
    Or maybe your just really good at this.
    One question is how ofte are you going to post these sessions?
    Keep up the great work and if I ever make it to the UK I will buy all 5 of you a beer!
    Cheers mates!

    • The Chef

      Yes, YESSS! Great to hear we’re stirring hobby passion ☺
      Think the intention is every other week, but I know Lawrence is talking about weekly releases 😱

  • Thomas S Weber

    This was amazing, and I’ve never even played D&D! How often can expect episodes? Maybe between regular episodes Bone can do some solo Griffin shows, regaling us with tales of valor and mustache twirling from the great man’s past.

    • The B-Bone

      Ha! That would be epic!

  • DMvdH

    Love it! Took me a while to fully see it, but looking forward to the rest. I love the fact that Bone’s character looks like and acts like a litteral pimp.

    • The B-Bone

      Hahaha thanks man!

  • Anders Jeppesen

    When is episode 2 coming?! Get on with it!

  • GemiNaga

    Absolute class! Ive never seen/played D & D and this was a fantastic intro to it, you guys are so into it, it really brings it alive – but you also maintain the classic humour. Just about to start ep2!

  • Tommy Irwin

    Was really impressed by how creative each player was, adding detail according to their background and persona. Chef’s storyline is well written and his voices and sound effects keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Have you thought about using more terrain and objects to better visualize puzzle doors, keys/stones etc. I used to play 3.5 when it came out and really like seeing this new version 5.0 so well done. A few of my friends still play D&D and they use a 40″ tv as a tabletop so they can create custom dungeon maps pre-made or on the fly from the Dungeon Master’s laptop. Example: