List Analysis: DMvdH’s Night Lords 1850pts

In this brand new format show we debut a Traitor Legions Night Lord’s list, featuring two optimised lists by myself and the Pastry Chef. We also discuss a lot of our initial thoughts on 8th Edition.

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  • DMvdH

    Love this video! Really gave me some new insights into the army guys, thank you so much! Also, it is very cool to be able to interact with you in this way, makes me feel part of a true community. I’ll drop some more list appropriate comments in the thread. Also, I do not know if you noticed but the first two List Analysis videos were for two Dutch guys. TTT is strong here in The Netherlands!

  • jamboxdotcom

    Good stuff. This video finally made me realize my one list that might make a good candidate for a list analysis, which I’ll be posting up in the next few minutes here. Hopefully you can give me some help on it.

  • DMvdH

    One other thing though I was thinking about, it’s probably more fun if you post the list on the forum after you’ve posted the video. I mean, it was great dissecting it before the video, but not really neccesairy and as I saw your list and not Chef’s I felt like I was biased for yours, probably because I had mentally already commited to it. So my advice is for the next video, announce in the thread you’ll be doing the list, maybe give a little hint, and post it after uploading the video.

    • Most definitely. If I’m honest, I actually replied to your list post by mistake as I thought I had you in the List Analysis queue next. Then when I realised the mistake, I edited my reply to say that your video would be released next week! Hahahah

  • batthemadbat

    Wow, I’m loving the new format, so much fun. The Chefs (knowledgeable) rants make it extra good!

  • TheShadow83
  • DP

    Great vid guys, quick question. Mike mentioned a die curion in his description, what is that?

  • DMvdH

    I posted my reply to the video in the thread a couple of days ago, to be found here: