List Analysis: Hatewraith’s Flesh Tearers 1850pts

The Colonel and I sit down to review a Flesh Tearers list while discussing the imminent 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000! We both go about building lists that we hope will translate well into the new edition, so sit back and enjoy one of the last 7th Edition List Analyses!

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  • Philipp

    Its simple… if i see a Tabletop Tactics video, i press “Mag ich” (i like it) ^^

  • John Barber

    In my experience, the Angel’s Fury is a bit cumbersome. The base for the Stormraven’s is quite large, and I’m pretty sure that the teleport homers themselves wont affect the ‘deep striking’ tactical marines deploying via skies of fury because they aren’t actually arriving from deep strike reserve either (as per that FAQ), and there is no way to mitigate this (at least as far as I am aware). And if any of the models can’t be placed, the *entire* unit is destroyed to boot. I guess it depends on whether the successive tacticals get to mitigate their positions based on previous teleport homers (in the past I played that they didn’t).

    What do you think is the sweet spot (in inches) to ‘deep strike’ these tacticals then based on Stormraven positions and drop pods?

    • For sure buddy, you’re right. The footprint of both the squad and the raven is quite large.

      Personally I would have all three ravens come up the middle of the board 12″ apart. I would then deep Strike the squads in a line about 8″ away from the raven and use run moves etc to get them back in position. As for the footprint issue, I would consider combat squadding units and dropping off one half mid board onto objectives etc, so that only the 5 man teleport homer squad is striking near enemy lines.

      • John Barber

        I forgot to mention though that sure it’s cumbersome, but it’s a ridiculously fun formation too. Especially if it all works. It’s just that I feel that it’s a bit of a case ‘when the stars align’… of course; I don’t have the Lawrence dice magic either though.

        If you have your units placed in your positions, wouldn’t that put them out of reach for their teleport homers to allow Deep Strike charges? Maybe you have a differing perspective, but I feel that’s the main point of the formation

    • John Barber

      In re checking that FAQ Tabletop Tactics, those teleport homers wont mitigate other skies of fury scatters, it says as such not in the particular entry about Angels Fury, but earlier in the FAQ document.

  • Rhys Walker

    Any opinions on how this will translate across to 8th? Awful lot of changes to the Empra’s finest

    • MASSIVE changes! Although Flesh Tearers and blood angels are actually better off as they can now assault after deep striking anyway… I see Death Company wig jump packs being very dangerous for example. Watch this space as I have a couple of
      Blood Angel games lined up ???

      • Rhys Walker

        awesome, never bad hearing that there are more games on the way! especially from the dreaded sons of sanguinius