Vox Cast Transmission 14: No Retreat IV Tournament Invitation

Today I got a strange sealed box, marked as classified by the Imperium… What could be inside?

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  • Franco Nova

    You said something very important at the start of this video “I’m a Xenos player” DO NOT BETRAY US and become a filthy loyalist!
    On that note, a bit sad that KDK is not among the options, you were mentioning something about them a few vids ago, and I’d really like to see you playing a Murder army, since you usually don’t.
    I’m ok with you bringing any of the traitor legions. DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR.
    That said, good luck at Gibraltar, hopefully one day I get to attend to some of this, as an spectator and shake your hand.

    • Well that would be AWESOME! Try and apply for the next one maybe?! Haha, yes I am a xenos player at heart. KDK are still an outside option, but I thought what better way to show off the World Eaters then using some shiny new rules?!

      • Franco Nova

        Totally agree, go for Chaos! I don’t have any painter army, and I’m from Argentina, paying for the trip would be way over my paygrade haha. But someday!

  • dave

    You jammy bugger I only got one sweet..
    I shall see you on the field of honour sir…

  • tulio wolford

    Hey Lawrence,

    I think you should take the nids. They would be a challenge and I think you would do well. I am excited to see you in Vegas this year, I’m not playing (don’t like ITC events) but I will come and introduce myself (big fan) and hang out if that is ok. Good Luck and hurry up and send me my TTT dice and shirts, I was hoping to give them to my son for Xmas. 🙂