Vox Cast Transmission 18: Warhammer 40k 8th Edition FAQ Review Panel

The team sit down together to discuss the 8th Edition Rules excerpts that Games Workshop released this past week. Get ready for the banter people!

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  • Owen Casey

    Holy crap Lawrence this was awesome ?, finally the group table discussions have arrived ? And the banter level was at 9,000 as expected!
    Roll on June, it’s going to be BIG people!!

  • jamboxdotcom

    Loved this, and agree 100%. Also, very excited to see your D&D games once you start dropping them 🙂

  • Manacrazed

    When I first got into the game, properly, I read that encyclopedia of a rule book and yes, it’s very intimidating and some of the rules are very ambiguously written, I am over joyed that the new rules are going to be 12 pages! Can’t wait to see the changes!

    Also, where do I get my ticket validated for the mother fecking hype-train!? I’d love to watch the D&D stuff, been meaning to get back into it for years!

  • Franco Vilanova


  • Sam Runnacles

    You guys are lunatics ??

    On a serious note though, one thing that wasn’t mentioned that I picked up on from the live steam GW did was that there will be something like 14 different FOC charts to choose from which all provide different benefits etc. Being competitive players how do you guys think this will effect the balance of the 3 styles of play? Do you think they will be open to abuse or will GW have been smart enough to make some effectively redundant in certain types of play e.g; making it impossible to take multiple wraithknights in narrative themed games, but perfectly fine in competitive play?

    • That’s a great point! I’m very curious also to see how that will pan out… if it is like Sigmar in terms of monster balance then overall, wraithknight will be good but will need to be supported by lots of infantry…. perhaps the new force org charts will encourage that sort of a build?

  • Tim Smith

    Chief should get timeouts from time to time.

  • Andrew Carter

    Agreed with every word said here, I can’t wait for 8th and will be dropping 7th like a ton of bricks the day it comes out.

  • Ruben Knab

    I miss the colonel! :'(
    Did he get lost in the realms of Sigmar again?

  • Ian Jones

    Is Beards official Tabletop Tactics Tshirt a black logo on a black shirt? To indicate his devotion to Chaos?

  • John Barber

    I really hope that rule of one doesn’t make it in, at least not in regards to casting. For the longest time it essentially killed Daemons of Tzeentch (specifically Pink Horrors) because they would lock each other out. You’d then be paying 40 points for essentially a missile weapon. They then had to introduce the lore’s in an attempt to balance that out. Hell I hope that particular restriction gets booted come Generals Handbook 2.