Vox Cast Transmission 19: Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Official Review

It’s here! Courtesy of Games Workshop, we were able to sit down with the new 8th Edition rules and Army Indexes! Watch as Beard questions us on our initial impressions and we cover the major changes to the rules and factions!!

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  • Vooddoogunnz

    yay! That is all!

  • MathiasHantho

    beautiful review, beautiful people, beautiful Beard, beautiful questions… more Beard asking beautiful questions please. And the battle report!… say no more! now here is my question to you guys: As I saw a read through of the “codexes” I noticed that as far as I could tell the inquisition has changed drastically. No more crusaders, death cult assassins, arco-flagellants or priests! no more inquisitorial warband!
    Tell me is it really so? can someone please take a look?
    If so that technically means that not all the models we own can be used in the new edition (just a small tecnicallity… but goodbye to a lot of beautiful conversion people have been doing!) and goodbye to a very fluffy part of the game especially for narrative gaming. Of course they may come up with a full on inquisition codex, but it seems like this is the only faction that has been hit so drastically and so…
    Anyways cant wait to see more battle reports (literally cant wait! do more now! MORE!!!) and have a good one.

    • Thanks mate! Have no fear! All of the inquisition stuff is there but split into two sections. Inquisition and Adeptus Ministorum (priests & Crusaders etc).

      You can absolutely still field all of those models, such as acolytes/henchmen, death cult assassins etc. They’re all there ??

      • MathiasHantho

        Oh my… what a relief!
        and thanks for the quick reply… (and also MORE!!!)

  • Anders Tefre Myhrvold

    Lawrence, I am surprised you’re not more hyped about the spikey elves!
    So many units got combat drugs, which are reeaally good now – wyches, hellions, succubus. Practically everyone in a wych cult is now a raving drug fiend and I love it! Furthermore, you have a 6+ ignore damage from turn 1, and practically everyone hits on a roll of 2 from turn 3!

  • Chris Brothwood

    Yeah great review. You all looked like kids in a candy shop :).

  • Philip Swanson

    Lawrence, what are your thoughts on the new tyranids? With all the new rules and points for all the factions, its hard to know whats strong and whats not. See anything awesome for the bugs?

  • Taylor Allison

    This was great, guys — you’re clearly stoked about the new edition (as am I!!), but the part at the end talking about balance was spot-on as well. I think another bit of feedback you can give GW when talking about game balance is using mathhammer — if you’ve got some specialist who is barely making a dent against its intended targets after a turn of shooting or combat, that says a lot about balance as well. Anyway, again, great feedback from you guys, and I’m pretty much in 100% agreement (of course, I’m a little more salty that my Thousand Sons didn’t get a psychic discipline, but Death Guard did, and Eldar got two…)

  • Michael O’Holloran

    Really enjoyable and informative. Mike is our hobby Paxman.

  • John Barber

    Overall I *really* like the new 8th edition. I covered why on the accompanying battle report.

    I am divided on the psychic system. One thing I do love is the lack of ‘mana batteries.’ Grey Knight squads/Pink Horrors etc no longer provide just warp charge dice. They are psykers in their own right. What I don’t like is the matched play limitations. I view it as completely unnecessary when they could just have any limitations in the core rules. Also; considering the game has all been apparently worked on together; and the datasheets have been made with care and an obvious thought not to make anything too massive unbalanced; then aberrations like Invisibility shouldn’t exist either. To me; it just seems so arbitrary to have such a limitation; it’s like telling an army with two Captains that only one can make use of it’s aura (to be less inspiring) or that only one tactical squad can fire their bolters. By all means; limit casting attempts per spell per wizard; but the other restriction is just overkill.

    Sure it allows Pink Horrors to cast, but… they cast on a 5+ on a D6… the rate that they are going to actually cast is so minor.

    Having said that; I love the actual mechanic’s of the system. I do however think that higher mastery level psykers should have an easier time to cast things.

  • Andrew Carter

    Excellent review and I agree with pretty much all the points raised, I play all flavours of Aeldari and Nids and I’m having a tough time deciding what to play first as it’s all looking pretty good (except Ynnari, I think Strength from Death got even more powerful because it does let you fight twice and now gives you an extra Psychic phase as well, thast just far too much).

    I’m just jelaous that you guys are getting an easy chance to play the game two weeks before the rest of us!