Vox Cast Transmission 21: No Retreat 5 Tournament Report

I give a full breakdown of the awesome No Retreat 5 Tournament run by SN Battle Reports, including a full Tactica round up of my games with the Drukhari at the event.

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  • Ruben Knab

    Wow! This is great, woe my (soon not to be anymore) friends!

    • Ruben Knab

      I’m running a list similar to yours and put in the razorwings, as per your advice. Now I’m wondering if, in your opinion, is it worth it to swap out the sslyth and all the splinter cannons on the razorwings for another venom? How much work did the sslyth do for you throughout the tournament?

      • The Sslyth didn’t do an incredible amount of work… however, if you drop the splinter cannons from the razorwings, and a Sslyth in exchange for a single venom, you would actually lose out of firepower over all, so I would say keep the cannons on the wings πŸ˜ƒ

        • Ruben Knab

          So the wings would keep their twin rifles and i would have an extra venom, so thats 6 rifles and 2 cannons on the extra venoms instead of 3 cannons and a sslyth. You see this as a loss of firepower? You must be keeping the wings way back in the battlefield?

          • Very true. But as you say, I tend to like to keep the wings further away, especially if facing opponents with Fly Assault Units πŸ˜ƒ

          • Ruben Knab

            Understood, sounds reasonable! I’ll test the options!

  • tulio wolford

    Well done Spider! Love your tactics and I love the vox casts. Keep them coming!

    • A pleasure mate. Got two Codex Tacticas dropping over the next couple of weeks too πŸ’ͺ

  • kyle brown

    I am loving drukhari are as scary as they should be. I would love to hear a spiders covens list, I have had a mixed sorts of results with mine

    • Thanks Kyle! I’m planning on getting a Coven themed army done, so watch this space πŸ˜ƒ

      • kyle brown

        You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. I am sure you are sorted being the legend that you are but if you need any wracks or grotesques or pain engines I am happy to lend some

        • That’s very kind Kyle, thanks so much for the offer πŸ˜ƒ Luckily I have all the bits now, just need to get them painted 😊

          • kyle brown

            Very excited to see how the spider will play covens. Thanks for continuing being a boss!

  • Harris Richards

    Sign up was nice and easy, loving the mobile site Lawrence πŸ‘

  • Chris

    Hello Lawrence. Thanks for all the advice. I was looking forward to this video!
    I have some listbuilding/unit question I wanted to ask you for some time now.

    1) In your games in 8th did you encounter the situation that you run out of good targets for your dark lances and wished you would have brought some disintegrator cannons or reapers (FW) for anti infantry?

    2) If you would want to maximize your army for ΓΌber- competitive purposes neglecting fluff etc what changes would you do? (Staying still Drukhari but maybe borrowing out a Farseer or other HQs)

    • Thanks Chris! So to answer your questions:

      1) No haven’t encountered that issue. The players that usually do encounter that is because they have gone for 4 ravagers all with dark light plus flyers on top… my build is more balanced so tend to have just enough of everything (anti infantry/anti tank etc).

      2) I would look to relaxing the HQs with Haemonculus to give my venoms Toughness 6. I would also look at adding a decent combat deterrent to the army, and something fast that could deliver them into gun lines to help shut them down quickly. At the moment Razorwing flocks do it the cheapest, but I’m hoping that when the new Codex drops, Reavers will become cheaper and viable again πŸ™‚

      • Chris

        Thank you so much for your swift response.

        I agree that your list is exceptionally balanced.

        When running flocks would you bother to include the beast master for rerolls and moral?

        I would also prefer reavers. I am certain they get a point decrease at least like all other bikers so far.

        • Most definitely I would include a beast master if running flocks… but yes, fingers crossed for those Reavers!!

  • Andrew Carter

    Great result on 2nd Lawrence, especially since SN weren’t running any kind of comp system for NRV. Weird how you always seem to end up facing Chema, and he always gives you a tough fight as well.

    • Thanks Andrew! Yes he’s like my ‘Boss level’ fight whenever I get there – The Bowser to my Mario if you like πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  • John Barber

    Lawrence, I know I may be asking for a bit here, but seriously can you stop teasing us about these ‘secret’ or otherwise ‘special’ projects you have and actually… you know… reveal them? Show them? Use them? You are amongst the worlds biggest hobby teasers lol, considering we’ve been waiting for them for month(s) now and if I thought I was impatient before, holy molly for it now.

    Haha, “2+ invulnerable save is ok” lol. Understatement really πŸ˜‰

    • 🀣🀣🀣🀣 I’m on it mate! The biggest issues I’ve had is all of the stuff that I know about but can’t talk about, which stalled my projects considerably. The good news is that the wait is almost over as they’re all dropping this month πŸ’ͺ

  • Lee Dignam

    It was awesome to meet you in Gibraltar, mister Spider! As a Drukhari player I was particularly interested in seeing what you could do in a tournament format, having watched your competitive Drukhari list duke it out against the Ultramarines list you whipped up last month or so. I completely agree, until the codex comes out and we are told otherwise, the way you’re running your 2k list is probably the most effective. Venoms are boss, Warriors are boss, Archons are a bit meh. I love Wyches, I think they’re so cool and fluffy – Succubi too – but if you want to WIN games, you have to go Kabal!

    • Awesome meeting you too Lee! Fingers crossed that this new Codex delivers some exciting other ways to play πŸ˜ƒ

      • Lee Dignam

        *crosses fingers* Please make Wyches cool, please make Wyches cool!

  • SeekingOne

    Fantastic review! Congrats with the second place – it’s still a very worthy achievement, especially considering the opposition.
    The army review is great too, agree with pretty much all of your points πŸ™‚ Massed -1 to hit does count – in fact, it only truly counts when it’s massed, otherwise the actual difference is barely noticeable against the random deviations.

    • A pleasure mate, glad you enjoyed it! The wait is finally over for your favourite faction to return to this channel too… just a couple of weeks in fact 😱

  • Nick Davies

    Do you reckon/hope they will address the HQ issue by releasing Vect with the Codex?

    • I sincerely hope this… but if I’m honest, I don’t think we’ll get any new units. I think they’re focusing on getting all the Codexes released first.

  • Modulus42B

    Interesting stuff Lawrence – congratulations! Question: what sort of variety was there in terms of the armies and lists being taken? I remember you saying in the last days of 7th that the lack of variety was indicating that the game was in a poor state – does it look like the situation is improving?

    • This is a very good question! Well at No retreat the variety was fantastic. As for 8th Edition as a whole… there is definite improvement from 7th, but still a fair amount of work to do around the top tables. Tzeentch Daemons and the new Astra Militarum are able to bring exceptionally powerful armies, meaning that we will likely see them more often at events. While other less competitive armies will be forced to rely on certain builds (like Guilliman in every marine list) to compete with them.

      It will be very interesting to see how Chapter Approved may fix issues in December when it’s released πŸ˜ƒ

      • Modulus42B

        Ok that’s good to hear, sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I’m also looking forward to the xenos codexes, see if the abilities that the various dynasties/septs/etc get will shake things up some. But until then, roll on chapter approved!

  • Marcello Genovese

    Solid tactics with the screeners Lawrence. Funny I have been doing something similar but in a vastly different way. I have been taking footslogging warriors and no venoms and instead I have a couple units of 10 mandrakes which pop in an absolutely mulch anything they want. But for screening and area denial I have been taking an outrider detachment with 6 individual clawed fiends. They are only 32 points a piece, have a massive footprint and are easy to hide then pop out and get in the way or also charge into and tie up enemy vehicles. In my opinion and from my gaming experience the transports are actually both playable but when you realize two venoms are 20pts more expensive then a razorwing jetfighter or 35 points more then a ravager it becomes painfully obvious whats more efficient. I would rather take razorwing jet fighters and ravagers all day. I currently am working on a list that fields 6 ravagers and a razorwing JF with footslogging warriors, grotesques and the two mandrake units. My Hq’s are a farseer and two warlocks unfortunately but until they fix are HQ’s I have no real reason to ever take ours over other eldar characters. Especially when warlocks are half the price of archons and doom from a farseer combos with mandrakes or grotesques in a filthy way. Your list is very good for sure though, I am just personally sick of using venoms anyway. Also my meta has a ton of vehicles as opposed to walkers especially now that 1950’s bots and dread-knights are vehicles lmao.

    You really need to try out mandrakes and grots mate. I have some clever conversions for mine, I’ll have to share them on the forum in the near future when I finish their paintjob.

  • Jesper77

    Realy fun to hear somebody stress the importance of the negative modifier to hit. Alot of people are talking of Astra as OP and broken but I dont see it that way. More and more players are looking on ways to finalize on the minus to hit on their list and thats devastating for Astra lists. Seen lists spamming alpha legion obliterators with -2 to hit due to changeling etc. Playing a 4+ lists against those odds the mass shooting doesnt realy mean a thing if you cant hit Well. Realy cool Vox and congratz on the win Lawrence.

  • Christoph JΓ€cksch

    Hey Lawrence,
    what do you think is a more powerful Drukhari list, cmpared to yours @ NoRetreat?
    Maybe some deeper thoughts for your “onDemand” Bosses ;)???
    Thanks Chris