Vox Cast Transmission 23: Codex Adeptus Custodes Preview & Las Vegas Open 2018

Chef and I do a quick preview of the Adeptus Custodes Codex before our upcoming battle report with it and the Spider announces his attendance at the Las Vegas Open with Beard this weekend!

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  • Laurens vG

    Good luck to both of you at the LVO! Great to hear that Beard is bringing the Sisters to spread the holy word (and fire) to all the heretics out there. I got interested in 40k again when 8th dropped and playing SoB myself, it was your battle report with Beard playing his Sisters that introduced me to TTT and from there on lead me to subscribing for all the awesome content you guys bring out. Make it to day three, I want to see both of your armies crushing the tabletop!

  • Alessandro Brogi

    Come on guys!! Beard vs the spider in the big final… THE DREAM!!!!

  • Viktor

    C’mon, I beg you please spread those battreps throughtout the week or just make them more often cuz those withdrawal symptoms are starting to get outta hand!

    PS JK… or not. Anyway, good luck at the LVO!

  • James Daniel Wilcox

    Good luck at the LVO! Really looking forward to the custode reports!

  • Mark Pinder

    Good luck Spider and Beard smash it out there lads and bring the trophy’s home!!!!

  • Eddie

    Will we get the tyranid and craftworld tacticas any time soon Lawrence?

    • Stig (alpha1603)

      Hey Eddie, we like to wait for the FAQs to drop as we’ve seen them have quite an impact and we want the reviews to be as useful for you bosses as possible!

      • Eddie

        Ah of course I forgot about the FAQ, fair enough

  • Grendle

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Jeremy Mitchell Vrtis

    Stig you legend! Great second army pick it will be cool to see!

    Hope there is a Battle Report before this weekend, 12 days between is rough. Does having 3 people shooting reports actually speed up production? or rather make it a more comfortable way to maintain your previous upload rate.

    Hope to see more vids like these and game updates ect ect. Best Wargaming content out there.

    • Stig (alpha1603)

      Thanks mate!

  • Andrew Carter

    Good luck at the LVO guys, and it’s good to see Custards joining the channel’s line up.

  • Marcello Genovese

    Good luck mate! Looking forward to cheering you on!

  • Chris Hughes

    Best of luck to both of you! Safe travels!

  • Andreas Rehn

    Wish you guys best of luck at the LVO!

  • Martin Lindby

    Stay safe and have fun. Cant wait to see Stigs army – cool stuff. Cheers !

    • Stig (alpha1603)

      Hopefully you won’t have long to wait!

  • Aaron Berezowski

    good luck guys

  • Brian Ahrens

    Looking forward to the debut of the Custards/Custodians.
    Enjoy Vegas, Bugsy Siegel’s desert paradise!

  • John Glass

    Good luck at the LVO gents, hope you both have a blast.

    My but those ‘custardy’ bikes look totally awesome, but as I’ve just started to buy the models for a Grey Knights army, they’ll have to wait a while. And talking of GKs, I wonder if it’s ‘Hammer Time’ at the LVO for the Spider?

  • Tony Molinari

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas lol Hope you guys have a great time on your trip and break a leg in the tourney!!!

  • John Barber

    I’m very glad that Lawrence did the ‘custard’ joke. It was on the tip of my tongue for ages, and I’m glad I only needed to wait 2 and a half minutes before Lawrence does his usual lawrence joke. 🙂

  • Mike Rainbow

    Wishing Mr Spider and Mr Beard all the best at the LVO. Go team TTT💪🏽👍🏽