Vox Cast Transmission 6: Las Vegas Open 2016 Tournament Report

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In this transmission, I give a full tournament report, including video footage of all the games I played at the LVO 2016!!

  • Snerqt

    Hey. Since you had the pleasure to play against some Skathach Knights. Could you tell me how they used the Webway Shunt Generator? Is it allowed to make his special move to get out of melee combat? It is 18″ and a D6″ Scatter right – not the 12″ from Doom Of Mymeara 2nd Edition correct?

    • When I played at the LVO, they actually allowed it to be used to remove him from combat by going into ongoing reserves. It is in incredibly powerful rule!

      • Snerqt

        So only if he was put into ongoing reserves he was allowed to be removed from combat? Not if he did his “normal” 18″ D6″ Scatter move?

        • Yes exactly, at least that’s what they ruled at the LVO.

          • Snerqt

            Alright thank you for the fast answers. If you got some spare time do you mind your thoughts and how to interpret the rules of the skathach knight – if not no worries.

          • Honestly I interpret the rules as allowing him to do the jump manoeuvre. However, I do think that it is way too powerful as he should at least have to make some sort of a test to do it…